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October 30, 2006

Grid Interface

at 5:32 am. Filed under Computer Hacks


Will this be our future movie and music collection interface? I sure hope so! The people at Natural Interaction are sure creating some interesting software.

“A natural interaction interface to organize and navigate contents such as images, movies and audio. Make sure to have the speakers turned on! It uses only the left mouse button, mouse motion, arrow keys, save (s) and rewind (r) keys. Useful for astonishing presentations. Content is presented in a minimal, seamless and aesthetically pleasant way. This is our vision of the relationship between humans and media. The interface is persistent, i.e. you can save the full state of it, and recover this state as you restart the interface. Simplicity instead of complexity. Imagine it as a presentation tool or an innovative media player. On http://naturalinteraction.org you can request to download it and test. The grid arrangement allows *everyone* to feel confident with the interface, and even empty spaces get a meaning.”

Thanks Alex