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October 21, 2006


at 6:03 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks, Funny Hacks


The Jack-o-LED project lights up a pumpkin with color changing LEDs. This puts the single color pumpkins to shame…

“So a couple of weeks ago I was grocery shopping, and on a whim, I bought a pumpkin. I hadn’t made a jack-o-lantern since I was a kid, and I decided to try to do something interesting with it.
I found some really cool patterns that I was going to try to carve in, like Jimi Hendrix.

I quickly realized that I had neither the patience or the ability to carve something that intricate, so I decided to use a little nerdery to make up for my lack of artistic talent. After scooping out the guts and carving an old school, evil-eyed, jagged-toothed, jack-o-lantern, I decided to do something a little different to light it.”