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October 14, 2006

Hybrid Solar Lighting

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If I had it my way I would be working under natural light using Sunlight Direct system. Something tells me that I can’t afford it. 🙂 Ideas like this are sure to come down in cost when they are mass produced.
"The HSL3010’s solar collector consists of a two-axis tracking mechanism that supports a 48" diameter plastic primary mirror, a smaller secondary mirror, and a fiber optic receiver unit. The collector tracks the sun using a microprocessor-based controller that accurately calculates the position of the sun given the local GPS coordinates and the local time. The collector can be mounted to a building rooftop through either an integrated structural mount or a portable mounting system. The power required by the collector can likewise be tied into the building power or generated separately using a solar photovoltaic panel. The collector requires minimal maintenance and is designed to handle adverse environmental conditions.

Q. How much light can one system deliver? A. One HSL3010 system can deliver 50,0000 lumens of sunlight. This is equivalent to approximately 17 fluorescent lamps or 45 PAR38 60W halogen lamps.

Q. How does the color of the light compare to sunlight? A. For all practical purposes, the delivered light is equivalent to direct sunlight in every way. The delivered light has a color correlated temperature of 5400K and a color rendering index of 100 (as does sunlight). In the mornings and evenings, the delivered light will have a reddish tint just as the rising and setting Sun. An option on the HSL3010 light switch panel allows this shift in color to be eliminated, if desired. The delivered sunlight does not contain IR or UV wavelengths."
Via: OhGizmo


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8 Responses to “Hybrid Solar Lighting”

  1. John Says:

    Wow, very impressive.

  2. dilawar Says:

    It is very simple and remarkably impressive can be used to provide sunlight to the plants inside homes and offices to minimize the amount of carbon monoxide and improve the inviroment.When such product will be available in market for general public?

  3. Jason Sutherland Says:

    how can i buy a hyrid light

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Jason,

    Click the link in the article for purchase information.

  5. Brian Tarling Says:

    When will this be available ?

  6. Holly Says:

    Brian asked when it will be available… never

  7. Chrippan Says:

    It is available now!


  8. Ken Solar Says:

    These are great ideas for DIY thanks
    for sharing.

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