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October 12, 2006

Metal Storm Weapons: Million-Plus Rounds Per Minute

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The revolutionary Metal Storm technology demonstrates a completely different way of delivering a bullet. The per bullet cost sounds like it would be very high though.

“O’Dwyer’s revolutionary weapons concept is based on an electronically fired gun-and-launcher design with multiple rounds stacked in a single barrel. The only moving parts are the bullets themselves. Beyond creating an astounding fast-firing weapon, the concept makes way for the creation of entirely new types of firearms. Among other things, it will allow the shooter to select from different types of rounds and even between firing lethal and nonlethal ammunition. O’Dwyer’s ideas were initially met with skepticism, but now they are being taken seriously by the military and police.”

Via: TechEBlog


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21 Responses to “Metal Storm Weapons: Million-Plus Rounds Per Minute”

  1. Smarter than you Says:

    This is a hacked gadget, how?

  2. Macaca Says:

    Im not sure, but I find it very interesting.

  3. MadScott Says:

    This project has been around for some time, soaking up tax and investment dollars and reproducing the french Millatreuse of the 1870’s (this used multiple barrels stacked in a rectangular array to create a pre-Gatling gun high rate of fire — it worked well but was mis-used as a field piece). It ignores the true rate-of-fire limitation which is the barrel-loading mechanism. Current rotating barrel weapons get around this by reloading one barrel while another is firing.

    Stacking bullets in a barrel is all well and good, but for extended firing it’s like a muzzle loading cannon.

  4. Deanethiro Says:

    Not so , You saw on the video they have the barels Stacked in sheets. In theory one could have multipe sheets already loaded ,slide them in and go , Honestly that wouldnt take much longer then replacing a magazine.

  5. Zach Says:

    This looks interesting, but a bit inefficent. It could have some robotic reloading mechanism that pulls out the sheets and replaces them. I think this is vaporware though, because I’ve been hearing about this for years and all we see are prototypes.

  6. MadScott Says:

    Re: In theory one could have multipe sheets already loaded ,slide them in and go , Honestly that wouldnt take much longer then replacing a magazine.

    You’d be replacing the barrels too — from their page on Wikipedia this is one of the persistent problems with deployment. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal_storm ).

  7. m00n3r Says:

    The aircraft implementation is totally impractical compared to a single warhead. I think the best implementations are the pistol and assualt rifle(not mentioned in this video) that can accept multiple calibers.

  8. Elbarfo Says:

    Wow, you really had to go back far for this one. I remember when that was introduced back in the 90’s. What a silly contraption. A few robotically aimed phalanx guns would serve essentially the same purpose, cost FAR less, and is well established and reliable technology.

    Kind of like a giant turd that fires turds. I feel sorry for the people that have invested in it. By the time they work out all the “difficulties” we will probably have functional energy weapons….

    Blaster, anyone? 😀

    Besides, a large majority of the gun-owning community in the U.S. (including myself) would not accept an electronic (especially an ID based one) based firing system. It amounts in many ways to registration and or deeper levels of gun control. It’s already been tried…..and failed. Also, noone who has to depend on their weapon every day will feel comfortable with it. It would have to be well proven under ALL the conditions that a mechanical firearm handles easily everyday. I doubt very seriously that will happen any time in the forseeable future.

    They may not be all that high-tech, but sometimes simple mechanical solutions are far superior to flashy gadgetry.

  9. blueapple Says:

    The biggest feature of the Metal Storm technology is the removal of all moving parts within the gun, leaving this gun impossible to jam. The other huge possibility is with the tube box array.. With the possibility of loading different charges behind each round would give the ability to blanket an area with explosive rounds that all impact at the same time..

  10. beefz0r Says:

    That owns 😀 Im gonna buy one

  11. Yug Says:

    What a shame, the basic instinct of power growing with the length and power of the weapon.
    Yes millions round / minute. What wonderful potential of destruction (and pollution).
    I’m not american, I can’t understand the beauty of weapons …
    This kind of impressive weapon will maybe kill thousands of people in this century but we are acclaiming it …

  12. Adam freeman Says:

    Man that’s cool but imagine if that sort of technology got in thr hands of criminals and terrorists …

  13. Josh Says:

    I should hope to we get to see this technology in the hands of our troops in the middle east. If our government misses this opportunity, they and us will pay for it later. The chinese, who are becoming the “new super power”, have already made multiple attempts to attain this technology. China absolutely wants Metal Storm and it’s Ceo to move to Beijing to work for the Chinese. That coupled with Taiwan set to declare independence, which China won’t stand for, and our protection pact with the taiwanese people we should obviously make a larger move to develop this technology for our use. Our government already has a few minor contracts with Metalstorm, but they are meger. Also with the amount of us shooting each other on what seems like every street corner, maybe this ID could help. If your not a killer/murderer than why should you care.

  14. Andy Says:

    Interesting, and apprently it works according to an ex-military technician I work with.

    That said, it’s applications are limited. It offers few real advantages over conventional small-arms. A higher rate of fire – but pity the poor soldier who has to carry all that ammo including a new barrel with each “magazine”!

    From what I can see it’s major advantage is compactness for a limited shot capability. It might be of use as a satellite weapon or to special forces. Terrorists would love it for its concealment and remote detonation possibilities.

    It’s cost though is obscene!

  15. shimmy Says:

    What are the costs of each bullet in the pistol and grenade launchers?
    Is there a problem with metal fatigue on the barrel ?
    How long would it take to reload either weapon?
    If it were mounted on a plane or copter , how many rounds could it really hold?I think it is clear that if it were on a plane it could not be reloaded during a mission or am I wrong?
    If it were mounted on a UGV , how many rounds could it hold?

  16. shooter007 Says:

    Does anyone out there know if Metal Storm will ever release a civilian version of the pistol????

  17. Hexypoo Says:

    I wonder if they will ever have these things commercially available?

  18. Ozzie Says:

    Another great Australian invention by Queenslander Mike Dwyer. Your government needs to pony up with the money to actually buy the technology – then I might get my investment back!

  19. chris kelly Says:

    will this be available for civian purchase

  20. Impresora a chorro de plomo - Asociaciones ilícitas Says:

    […] (vía) […]

  21. danny Says:

    Anyone who did any military service knows that in weapons ther is no Importance to the amount of ammunition what matter is the barrel length for accuracy, so what I see this weapon is very effective in short-lenght Fight without accuracy, the Company should also create a grooved barrel or bullets with fins to keep round in ballistic movement.

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