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October 8, 2006

Wireless Doorbell into a Remote Control Relay Hack

at 5:20 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

The Hackers Bench has put together an interesting way to hack a cheap remote door bell into a remote control relay.

“I was looking for a cheap remote control that would turn on my driveway floodlights from the car. Yea, an IR motion detector would work, and I even tried that for a while. The problem is that we have coyotes, javalina, and other nocturnal creatures that wander around here and I didn’t want the lights to turn on automatically and scare them off. Further, I support the folks at Dark Sky. I started watching for old garage door remotes but none ever crossed my path. That was about a year ago. Then a few days ago a guy named Brett posted a question to the Make Forums saying he wanted to remotely turn his PC on and off. Toward that end he had bought this wireless doorbell and wondered how to run the receiver off of the PC power supply instead of batteries. As of this writing that conversation is ongoing, but it reminded me of my old flood light project. So, since we needed to reverse engineer the receiver to solve Betts’ issue, and it seemed like a perfect fit for my lights, I confirmed the part number and headed off to Home Depot.”