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October 2, 2006


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These lights by TRIKLITS cost $100 for 24 of them. This might initially seem expensive but when you consider what goes in to making them it is actually a bargain. Each light is microcontroller driven and can produce any color desired. Keep your eye on John Tokash’s Blog for more details.

“TRIKLITS are a string of 24 color changing lights designed for decorative lighting. There are 30 different lighting effects and many of them allow adjustment of the speed, color, or brightness of the lights. The mode is controlled from a small box attached to the end of the string. Multiple light strings can be connected together for synchronization of effects. In addition, the lights can be controlled via an external interface jack connected to some type of computer or control system.

Each light is made from a Red-Green-Blue LED mounted inside a plastic ball. The amount of light from the red, green and blue LEDs are controlled by microcontroller chips to form almost any color and brightness of the rainbow. As these are LEDs, they are most visible in dim or dark locations. They are not visible in outdoor daylight. ”

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