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September 28, 2006

Build a USB device with PIC 18F4550

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If you are looking to get your feet wet with PIC microcontroller USB functionality, this article by Sylvain Ferrand is a great place to start. To keep on top of developments in this area I would suggest subscribing to this magazine, what will it cost you? Nothing, it’s free!

“PIC 18F4550 and 18F2550 are powerful microcontrollers including a full-speed USB V2.0 compliant interface . With these MCU it’s very easy for the hobbyist to design USB devices with very few components. This schematic is very simple, only few additionals components are needed. It’s a self powered USB device. ”


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4 Responses to “Build a USB device with PIC 18F4550”

  1. je_aleph Says:

    This is a bad post, because the USB isnĀ“t to easy like you think!
    Did you have an idea about USB?
    If you realy want to know more about PIC – USB got to:


    Good luck!

  2. rgb project Says:

    USB isn’t so hard
    because microchip has already done many examples
    that helps a lot
    Check out http://rgb.kitiyo.com/

  3. csmith Says:

    I was intimidated by USB, but it’s really not that hard with the 18F4550. Check out the following website for an easy way to set it up.

  4. csmith Says:


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