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September 27, 2006

Dancing LED Lights

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Here is a simple circuit to make some dancing LED lights.

“Here is a simple circuit which can be used for decoration purposes or as an indicator. Flashing or dancing speed of LEDs can be adjusted and various dancing patterns of lights can be formed.
The circuit consists of two astable multivibrators. One multivibrator is formed by transistors T1 and T2 while the other astable multivibrator is formed by T3 and T4. Duty cycle of each multivibrator can be varied by changing RC time constant. This can be done through potentiometers VR1 and VR2 to produce different dancing pattern of LEDs. “


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2 Responses to “Dancing LED Lights”

  1. Arvind nandagiri Says:

    thank you for the circuit. actually i needed something more than that. i need a circuit for 20 to 30 LEDs in each branch. but i think i can manage by doing some R&D on this ckt.

  2. fronzk Says:

    thank you for the circuit can u gave me a circuit for running led thanks nice work

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