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September 26, 2006

LEGO Full Auto Book Scanner

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The best inventions are ones that eliminate repetition, this automatic book scanner does just that. Believe it or not it was constructed using LEGO.

” After the invention of hyperpaper, I began to scan my books. Soon I found out that what I expected was true — It was awesomely BOREING!

If this drudgery were to be automated!

Scanning a book involves picking up the book from the scanner carefully so that you won’t change the current pages, and turning pages precisely. These activities are as easy as breakfast for human beings. However, our sophisticated biomachienery owe a lot to the Evolution. Without its support, the activities are far too difficult for robots.

How it works

* The Glider is wound up, The Shuttle is at the right position.
* The Shuttle moves to the left.
* The Glider winds down until it touches the book.
* The Shuttles moves to the right. The Glider, touching the book, filps the page.
* The Glider winds up.
* The Balance is lift up. The computer detects the event and sends message to the scanner.
* The machiene pauses for 35 seconds, while the scannaer is working.
* The Balance lifts down.
* Repeat.”