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September 23, 2006

Micro Mosquito Helicopter by Interactive Toy Concepts

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The Micro Mosquito Helicopter looks like it can be lots of fun. Either the guy in the video is very skilled in flying helicopters or this unit is simple to fly. I have seen people trying to get the hang of flying RC helicopters and not having an easy time…

“The future of R/C fits in the palm of your hand! The Micro Mosquito is the world’s smallest, lightest and most stable indoor R/C helicopter. Fully assembled only inches long and whisper silent, its packed with high-tech ingenuity. Based on award-winning BladeRunner coaxial rotor design, the Micro Mosquito flies in all directions with 3 channel digital control going up, down, forward, reverse, turning left and right and it even hovers. Its open structure design combined with glowing green eyes lets you see the inner workings while you watch in awe at its total control flight performance. A great gadget toy for the home or office.

Fitting, as is obvious from this photo (unless they chose a man with mammoth hands), in the palm, and using the ingenious BladeRunner double-propeller system which relies on a coaxial rotor to make piloting the ‘chopper as easy as stroking a tame chipmunk. A three-channel digital remote controls up & down motion, forward & reverse, turning left & right and even allows the Mosquito to hover.”

Via: TechEBlog and SlashGear