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September 23, 2006

Micro Mosquito Helicopter by Interactive Toy Concepts

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The Micro Mosquito Helicopter looks like it can be lots of fun. Either the guy in the video is very skilled in flying helicopters or this unit is simple to fly. I have seen people trying to get the hang of flying RC helicopters and not having an easy time…

“The future of R/C fits in the palm of your hand! The Micro Mosquito is the world’s smallest, lightest and most stable indoor R/C helicopter. Fully assembled only inches long and whisper silent, its packed with high-tech ingenuity. Based on award-winning BladeRunner coaxial rotor design, the Micro Mosquito flies in all directions with 3 channel digital control going up, down, forward, reverse, turning left and right and it even hovers. Its open structure design combined with glowing green eyes lets you see the inner workings while you watch in awe at its total control flight performance. A great gadget toy for the home or office.

Fitting, as is obvious from this photo (unless they chose a man with mammoth hands), in the palm, and using the ingenious BladeRunner double-propeller system which relies on a coaxial rotor to make piloting the ‘chopper as easy as stroking a tame chipmunk. A three-channel digital remote controls up & down motion, forward & reverse, turning left & right and even allows the Mosquito to hover.”

Via: TechEBlog and SlashGear


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64 Responses to “Micro Mosquito Helicopter by Interactive Toy Concepts”

  1. WILLIAM Says:

    necesitamos saber si ustedes tiene el repuesto 004 main rotor B set 1 del helicoptero wireless 807 r/c gracias esperamos una pronta respuesta

  2. dave Says:

    Bought myself one for xmas – its brilliant ! – it takes a while to master – there IS a delay in response so you do have to anticipate where its going so that you dont over-correct.
    Despite its apparent flimsy build mine has had a few spectacular crashes and escaped unscathed !
    I do agree getting it to go forwards/backwards isnt so good, the essential thing is to trim out any rotation using the centre knob.
    My remote had a slight fault – with the controls in neutral the tail rotor kept spinning – I had to open the remote and adjust one of the preset pots on the circuit board !
    PS The small adjustment underneath appears to tilt the main rotor shaft to the left or right – not sure what for yet the instructions are written in chinglish !.
    NOTE If flight becomes erratic check the battery in the remote !

  3. ernie Says:

    the small “adjustment” underneath is a clip that allows you to remove the rotor shaft. I tried for a week to figure out what it changed, nothing.

  4. Mike Says:

    I was given the heli for an early Christmas present from my girlfriend, after leaving it alone for the last week and then trying to fly it , when the heli lifts from the ground it starts to rock back and forth progressively getting worse and till the point where the bottom blade makes contact with the upper blade causing it to crash……does anyone know what or how to correct this problem ?


  5. Gord Says:

    I got the MM for Xmas – was working great – able to control direction, height, etc. After a few days of success I now have nothing but grief. Rotors won’t stay in a stable orientation (top rotor will tilt) causing the MM to spiral to a crash. Any suggestions – what’s going on?

  6. Mike Says:


    seems like we have the same problem…I ordered new blades, will let you know how that works out…

  7. Gord Says:

    I bought new blades – completely solved the spiral crashing problems – only now i can’t get the MM more than 10 inches off the floor – new batteries, new blades – no height on take-off – suggestions out there?

  8. kris Says:

    Try taking off the back of the controller and turning the trim pots in there- you will need a small knife or something the one on the left controls the throttle sensitivity… the one on the far right is for the tailrotor.

  9. Simon Jardine Says:

    I love it, I have decided to make a 100 of these things.

    So if your lucky and you want one, let me know simonjardine@gmail.com

  10. bob Says:

    my heli micro mosquito is brand new from radioshack. new blades new batterries but the heli wont rise more than a few centimeters off the ground.please help!

  11. Ethan Says:

    I got one just this last weekend – after a few not-quite-stable flights, I opened up the transmitter and took out all of the springs. Flights since then are much more controllable, since I don’t have to fight with the control sticks. Forward and reverse flight are at a very slow walking pace – the price you pay for having the stability. It seems that part of the stability is the articulation in the rotors’ plane of rotation, which allows the gyroscopic forces to oscillate the blades but not the ‘copter. Hence, the light action of the tail rotor tilts the body, but it takes a couple of seconds for the blades to tilt into the same plane. With ~5 charges, I’m now able to land it fairly reliably in a 20″ radius of the intended destination.

  12. Mark Says:

    I just received mine, and on the first charge had lots of fun with it. However, I placed it on charge and after reading the manual, the smart charger would change from red to green and stop charging when the battery was full… This didn’t happen, the battery exploded set fire to my curtains and I consider myself lucky that I was here to put the following fire out which has done a fair bit of damage but could have been much much worse. Has any one else had this problem? Please be aware of over charging, it was on for approximately 3.5 hrs. I just feel lucky I wasn’t near it at the time as I can only describe it as a 2 meter radius fire ball which then turned into a molten plastic fire.

  13. R/C Flight guys... - SVTPerformance Says:

    […] blades I was pretty good with it, but every now and then it’d stop responding to control inputs. Micro Mosquito Helicopter by Interactive Toy Concepts – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog ____________________________________ 2003 SVT Cobra 10th Anniversary <– CarDomain 516 RWHP […]

  14. Darrell Says:

    I’ve had a Mosquito 604 for a couple of years now (bought from Jaycar) and still is fun to fly. Only problems I’ve had so far is the control range is really crappy – I get a maximum range of around 4 metres (around 12-14 ft) range from transmitter to ‘copter, if you crash too many times, the very fine leads that power the rear rotor can sometimes break off from the receiver board in the ‘copter, disabling the rear rotor. A set of jeweler’s screwdrivers, a very fine-tipped soldering iron and steady hands are required to repair this rather annoying defect. Another one is it throws one of the little arms that link the top rotor to the gyro bar (the bar with the small weights on it that keeps it level) occasionally, but I can normally find it fairly quickly. Tried ‘buzzing’ the cat, and the cat seems to like jumping after it as well… actually, this caused the majority of my crashes 😛 Otherwise, absolutely brilliant and fun once you get the hang of it – as the classics say, Practice Makes Perfect.

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