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September 22, 2006

Hacked Coke Machines

at 7:05 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks

Looks like the average joe can now read about Coke machine programing. Seems that the service manual is now readily available. When are companies going to learn to guard this material better? Go here to see a video of someone getting into the machine menu.


This function allows you to dump coins from the coin mechanism.
Press select button 4 to enter mode and the lowest coin value dispensable will show on the display.
Press select button 2 or 3 to scroll through the different coin values available.
Press and hold select button 4 to dump the coins whose value is shown on the display.
Press select button 1 will return to “CPO.”

Via: TechScoopNews


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39 Responses to “Hacked Coke Machines”

  1. m Says:

    guard it?!?! wtf are you talking about?!?! The system should be designed under the assumption that all of the manuals are public knowledge – security by obscurity just doesn’t work

  2. Dolbex.com :: Soapboxing Since Forever Says:

    Note to Self #3: Keep Eyes on Corporate Manual

    Gross and Grosser

  3. jax Says:

    this only works if a passwd hasnt been set on the machine and it has the default passwd of 4-2-3-1.

    kind of like getting excited about logging into an ‘admin’ acct using ‘admin’ as a passwd! w00t w00t!

  4. Do or do not, there is no try! » Hacked Coke Machines Says:

    […] September 22nd 2006 Hacked Coke Machines posted @ 11:00 am in [ Fun ] by Alan Parekh @ 7:05am. […]

  5. DevinOlsen Says:

    Jax; What you’re saying about ‘dont get excited because they could just have changed the default password’. That may be true for computers. You wouldn’t normally expect ‘Admin – Admin’ to work. But on vending machines the chances of the company changing the password are much lower. Small time companys buy a vending machine, turn it on.. and expect nothing more out of it. I honestly bet some of the vending machine owners don’t know how to get into diagnostics mode. The only thing they probably know how to do is open it with a key and re-stock it.

    So the default password 4-3-3-1 is likely to work.. 🙂

  6. psys Says:

    This is worse than getting excited about an admin:admin account. If anyone had bothered to actually read the service manual itself, they’d have noticed that the only thing accessible through the external menu with the door closed is the “historial data” menu. To access diagnostic functions, the door *must be open*.

    You’re getting excited because you might be able to view how many people have bought a Coke since it was last filled. That is, if the password hasn’t been changed.


  7. Old Says:

    Old stuff

  8. Coke machine programing « Gonna give you acid Says:

    […] So much more nerdarific than the ol’ hole-in-the-quarter-with-string-tied-through-it routine (but maybe just as ineffective). […]

  9. μblog: engineering from the trenches » How to program a Coca-Cola vending machine Says:

    […] Hacked Gadgets has posted a link to a programming guide for a Coca-Cola vending machine which allows you to do various bad things, including resetting of prices. I am posting it here as an example of what not to do when desigining a point-of-sale system. […]

  10. » Hacked Coke Machines - Haiku Headlines | Headlines of Today. In 17 syllables. What more do you need? Says:

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  11. KK Says:

    There is a site, americasleastwanted.com, that has a whole bunch of coke machine manuals, and some other goodies.

  12. Security Blog » Blog Archive » Coke Machine Service Manual Leaked, includes coin dump function Says:

    […] Looks like the average joe can now read about Coke machine programing. Seems that the service manual is now readily available. When are companies going to learn to guard this material better?read more | digg story […]

  13. EveryDigg » Blog Archive » Coke Machine Service Manual Leaked, includes coin dump function Says:

    […] Looks like the average joe can now read about Coke machine programing. Seems that the service manual is now readily available. When are companies going to learn to guard this material better?read more | digg story […]

  14. ffffffffffff Says:

    of u press 44231233 all the cioins will shoot out the coin return because when u press it it makes it automatic realese dont belive me try it!!!!!

  15. ss Says:

    Hi ive used a diffrent kind of coke machine it doesnt have the little circule buttons it has big one there is 12 in total i think they have pictuers of what drink you are getting i used the trick but it says cash,sale,error, and something else but i cant get any cash from it any ideas

  16. Alan Parekh Says:

    Sorry ss,

    Not sure what the issue could be, firmware patch or switch on the inside locked out…

  17. Joven Says:

    i bet a strong enough electromagnet, in the right location,
    may trip the door switch, fooling it into thinking it’s open…
    … but who wants to carry that arround.

  18. Icy Says:

    isn’t the CPO apart of the internal computer. And if not wouldn’t it be passwd protected. Not the original to get in to the menu but another.

  19. john linsey Says:

    I tried it one time and it came back saying I was full of shit and to drink more pepsi

  20. "John Smith" Says:

    I own coke machines and all of mine are password protected…. why are yall even trying this…. if a police officer saw you, will go to jail for at least 90days and $2500- fine!

    Do what you want and sit in jail!— “John Smith”

  21. Matt Says:

    John, I think that a cop would walk away quietly if you said “Damn thing ate my money!” After all, all it appears you are doing is pressing random buttons. Please explain how hacking a Coke machine, maliciously or not, could land you in jail for 90 days when the average sentence for possession of marijuana, a felony in Indiana, is only 3 months.

  22. zack Says:

    i dont think it would be much jail time if any at all… depending on how much you steal. i mean if you take enough to get a couple of pops… you get charged with stealing a couple of f@#%# pops lol its the same as if i was in the store stealing stuff

  23. Mason Says:

    I can’t access the guide…anyone know why?

  24. Yeowi Will Desire (Heartless Four Leader) Says:

    Well well well. It looks like another win for the avarage joe. Maybe when these types of companies are bankrupt, they’ll learn the importance of secrecy. Oh, well. Is I said, chalk one up for the avarage joe!
    Avarage Joe: 1
    Big Busniess: 0

  25. wow Says:

    wow so all of you are soo stupid. it isnt just the default password. it works on all coke machines. every single coke machine works like that. but like someone above said, all you can view is the data of how many sodas were sold. you can only access the motor functions if the door is open

  26. Genious Says:

    90 days is 3 months……

  27. fierywrath12345 Says:

    hey everyone, take a bic pen cap and break the little thing for attaching it to your pocket and stick it in key hole and turn….also there are lots of tutorials on this a.k.a. use google

  28. 4231 Says:

    lol, read a lot of stuff but never tried it…. have to keep my eyes open for an unsuspecting machine!

  29. ton19631 Says:

    here is a better idea
    1 open door
    2 go to debug menu
    3 use menu to have it change price to $0.00 daily at a convenient time for you
    4 you should also make cpo accesible through the debug menu if you want some cash (this is so that you dont have to open it every time you want money)

  30. Dan Says:

    I have a coke machine i just bought that i’m gonna use for a beer machine in my garage… How do I change it to $0.00??

  31. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Cool idea, download he manual from above and use it to change the amount to 0

  32. Eric Says:

    Hey i just bought a coke machine. But i have a problem the price is countinously changing repeativly. I cant get it to stop on the price i want. Any advice anyone?? please help.

  33. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Sounds like a suck button to me.

  34. Cokemans wife Says:

    I just can’t understand why some of you have this fascination with breaking into coke machines…Could your time not be better spent FINDING A JOB!?!? You have no idea how your actions affect the true hard working man!
    Grow up!!

  35. Cokefiend Says:

    @34. Cokemans wife,

    We’re a new generation. We’re lazy. Our motto is work SMART not HARD. Oh, and one more thing…. we don’t give a f**k. Now have a Coke and a smile and STFU.

    All the best,


  36. Jonson Says:

    There is a lot of stupid on this thread. Do you think corporations don’t protect themselves or their products? You can’t do a dam* thing from the programming menu with the door closed. And if you want to open the door and try and screw with it that way, then be my guest. Don’t be surprised when Cokes Internal Controls group and Security team pull out the internal cameras and catch you on camera. It’s a pleasure having idiots like you guys put in jail and paying restitution.

  37. Cokefiend Says:

    Wow, that last comment just wreaks of “what the f**kery.” It looks like we’ve alerted a mole – someone intimately connected to that pesky “Coke Internal Controls Group” or Security something-or-other. Jonson (ha ha I said Jonson) is an elite Coke ninja assassin so everyone proceed with caution. He’s a Keebler elf-sized, failed Dungeon & Dragon’s master lurking inside Coke vending machines watching our every move and reporting any suspicious activity to higher authority. Game over folks. We’ve been had. And just when I thought I was on to something too. Jonson has ruined our elite, global conspiracy, NWO vending machine takeover project. F**K! Now what? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    Cokefiend out.

    P.S. We still don’t give a f**k, so have a Coke and a smile and STFU. =)

  38. haxxorboyroxs01 Says:

    Wow is this thing reall work like im only 13 and I wanna lnow cuz I can use the money and I have the slit bill in my pocket right now and I don’t know if it works I’ve seen videos on youtube but im not sure so if some1 tryed this can they tell me if it works thatnx

  39. Albert Says:

    I need some body to contact me ore a tell no were I can contact some one I try to use the maneul but still cot get my machine to work

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