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September 20, 2006

Strida Folding Bike

at 10:16 am. Filed under Insane Equipment


This is a go anywhere/store anywhere bike. The Strida is sure to turn some heads!

“Features a rear pulley drive train kevlar belt drive rated up to 50,000 miles is greaseless and ultra durable. Strida is designed to need only a single speed. the gearing is 56 gear inches, roughly equivalent to 4th gear on a ten speed bike. Injection molded 16″ wheels are rustproof and never need truing. the tires can be changed without removing the wheels”

Via: TechEBlog


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6 Responses to “Strida Folding Bike”

  1. Alexander Says:

    Incase anybody was wondering, the banter they share at the end is:

    W: “I’m so jelous!”
    M: “Of what?”
    W: “You finally got it!”
    M: “what?”
    W: “That parking space at the front of your office!”
    M: “I don’t need it anymore!”
    W: “Really?!?”

    Ya Rly!!! XD

  2. Bill Says:

    UK TV viewers will remember this bike from the Open University Design Courses.
    It must be about ten years ago! Still, I’m glad to see it made into a product.
    It is a clever design

  3. Bill Says:

    Just checked the website, it’s design goes back 16 years.

  4. strida V Says:

    wholesale price…

  5. STRIDA V Says:

    WOW….Good price

  6. Yule Blog | VogelCam Says:

    […] one of these bitchin’ folding bikes from Strida. I know it looks kinda funny, but it’s really cool. If neither of these are in your budget, feel free to choose from my Amazon Wishlist. Happy […]

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