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September 18, 2006

RFID Front Door Lock

at 10:05 am. Filed under Complex Hacks, Electronic Hacks

The Digital Dawg Pound has a created a RFID Front Door Lock that uses inexpensive off the shelf electronics. There is a full listing of all the parts required on their site.

“The project works as follows: When a card is placed in front of the RFID reader it outputs a TTL serial signal representing the card’s unique ID. This is sent to the ‘TTL serial to Ethernet server’ module, which converts the serial data stream from the reader into TCP packets which are forwarded to a specified IP address / port. A custom C# application is listening on the specified port for a tag ID’s and once received will check if they are valid, and if so signal the NET-IOM to turn on a relay wait 2 seconds then turn it off again. The relay is connected to a buzzer, and electronic strike which is mounted on the door frame, and when powered allows the door to be pushed open.”


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18 Responses to “RFID Front Door Lock”

  1. Jason Says:

    Here is a site with a similar project. All the plans, bill of materials, pcb files, code, etc… to build your very own RFID Door Lock and Monitoring System. Check it out: http://www.rfiddoorlock.com

  2. Hacked Gadgets - DIY Technology Blog » Blog Archive » RFID Enabling Your Front Door using a Parallax Microcontroller Says:

    […] You may remember an RFID project that was featured here last year by The Digital Dawg Pound. Nick has come up with a new and improved RFID Door Entry System. Video after the jump. “I decided to try and improve the reliability and responsiveness of my previous RFID front door project (based around a client / server design), by re-implementing it using the Parallax BASIC Stamp 2e, and the 13.5MHz APSX RW-210 RFID reader as a standalone device. I was also looking to gain some practical experience with BASIC Stamp programming. […]

  3. Don Says:

    You can also just buy one too.
    The Mykey 2300 and Mykey 4000r are two that utilize RFID.
    I have the 2300 installed at my house.
    Got it from http://www.cydus-solutions.com

  4. Maya Hotels India Says:

    A guest getting encription key through SMS from Hotel on his/her NFC compatible mobile phone,bypassing hotel front desk arrive in front of his/her allocated room.After opening a door lock he/she need still need plastic card to operate Energy control unit(ECU)to operate guest room,that means he/she need to contact hotel front desk.he/she can not bypass hotel front desk & straight way goes to guest floor.

  5. Pete Says:

    “Jason said on January 14th, 2007: Here is a site with a similar project. All the plans, bill of materials, pcb files, code, etc… to build your very own RFID Door Lock and Monitoring System. Check it out: http://www.rfiddoorlock.com

    Yes it is, for 40 dollars.

  6. panneer Says:

    i want more neet diagram

  7. Debasish Says:

    plzz can u give me the working of door locking system rfid .ie its circuit operation plzzzz

    thank you buddy

  8. Anugrah Srivastava Says:

    hello there…. can u plz give me detail circuit and apparatus involved….
    thnak u…

  9. Wan Says:

    thx for the information…
    im currently study at local polytechnic at malaysia and i intend to do this for my final project…is there any link you guys can share with me..?
    plz give me more specific schematic, the pcb, component etc, using a local host for this rfid..thanks..

  10. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Wan,

    Click on the link in the article to read more about this project.

  11. Wan Says:

    thx Alan…that helpful..i didnt see that..

  12. Wan Says:

    Can i just change the database storage to local host??
    because this RFID front DOOR LOCK using tcp ip..

  13. harry Says:

    plz give more spec schematic,components,microcontroller and programable
    thx bro…

  14. Alch Says:

    The system could be made without the ethernet connection, although the ethernet connect allows things like entry logging and network alerts based on entry etc.

    For a standalone embedded solution, simply connect a RFID transciever to a PIC, or other MCU. Also if your using a transciever, you could use a reprogrammable EEPROM card as the ‘key’ and have the module change the door code after every use for added secruity (Although this wouldn’t work with multiple access points unless they are linked somehow). In the door opening sequence, you would need to also read the card again to check the new passcode was written correctly.

    The PIC code would just need to pickup UI (Unique Identifier) from the RFID, and the read the number sequence (passcode) stored in memory, check it against the known passcode. The generate a new code, store it in memory and transmit it to the EEPROM card (key). There could also be a different passcode for each UI (for each different key card). Essentially, it means each user has a 64 digit username, and a 2000 digit password that changes every time you use it.

    The exact details of the cicruit will depend on the RFID reader module and the MCU you use; but with a fairly decent understanding of electronics, and a good read through the datasheets you can figure it out.

    The only thing that worries me is wouldn’t it be easy to just stick a small RFID listening device and pickup with UI codes, and fake them with another circuit to gain access? I suppose the system could be used in conjunction with a pincode, but that reduces the convience somewhat.

    Still, using an external antennae the range can be about a meter or so. Keep the credit card shape key in your wallet and just walk up to the door.

  15. ameer Says:

    sir, we are going to go using rfid automatic doorlocking system

  16. reyes Says:

    hi there,i m reyes frm malaysia,im B.E(major in telecomunication)student..im decide to do my final year project on RFID..
    can any one help me ,tell me wher e can i get the the circuit diagram n etc..thanks

  17. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Reyes,

    The link is in the article but seems to be broken. Actually all article links on that site are not working. It looks like they are working through some issues. You could try to contact them directly from their site.

  18. Jay Says:

    can any one give its…block diagram with its name..?????

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