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September 17, 2006

Handheld Super NES

at 5:18 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks, Toy Hacks

Brian Gardiner sure knows how to mod mobile systems. Have a look at his Handheld Super NES system.

“Creating this system was very expensive as I somehow ruined an LCD and few Super NESs while desoldering the cartridge slot. Putting it together was a miserable experience, much like my other two systems but the Super NES is still my favorite game console and I really enjoy playing with it in handheld form.”


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9 Responses to “Handheld Super NES”

  1. hockeytree Says:

    Why this when you can get a psp with emulators, and never have to switch cartridges?

  2. Tyler Says:

    Because it’s so god damned cool.

  3. hockeytree Says:

    I guess I just never thought of the Snes as great, or much of an improvement. But I the fact that he is probably the only person (save for a few people who figured out its dc input and had a portable TV way back) that has ever had a portable one. But ill stick to my psp.

  4. John Foster Says:

    Want! Want!

  5. brunus Says:


    dude that is flippin awesome

  6. Bailey Says:

    I want one, you should sell them dude.

  7. ryan Says:

    ill stick to my psp too, though im wondering, whats the case from?

  8. ryan Says:

    well i guess i want one i mean its nice that you can play sness games on it

  9. RoboPot Says:

    How awesome is this :O
    Mass production?

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