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September 11, 2006

Beer Pouring Robot

at 5:18 am. Filed under Insane Equipment


I don’t think bartenders have anything to worry about but this beer pouring robot is very cool. It pours a beer with a bit too much head for my liking but it would make for an interesting conversation piece.

Via: OhGizmo and Gizmodo


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12 Responses to “Beer Pouring Robot”

  1. Wiki Multipla Says:

    Does this robot know how to wash the floor ? If not, I think it will not be a hit for next Chrismas presents 😉

  2. Bob Says:

    Man, cool or not I dont think I could wait that long for a beer.

  3. Weiss Says:

    LOL. sweat ^_^ but STFU and gimme my beer.

  4. Robbo Says:

    Sort of like the idea but, I could have drank 3 beers by the time it poured one. Also too many buttons to push.

  5. Trax Says:

    It would make sense if it was faster and if it isn’t talking that much in chinese 🙂 It’s like a wife that is pouring you a beer and nagging about it at the same time :))))

  6. Adam freeman Says:

    Yeah I agree with Trax, I wonder what it’s saying. Looks a bit like it’s telling you about what it’s doing as if pouring a beer is some kind of exciting event that most people have never seen before.

  7. Nobody Says:

    That’s Japanese, you insensitive clod.

  8. Trax Says:

    Does it really matter?

  9. Tyler Says:

    Why do I get the distinct feeling that that machine wasn’t intended to pour beer? It seems like your average run of the mill soda pouring mach…. Well, it seems like it can pour lots of things. But yeah, takes far too long, far too chatty and was I the only one creeped out by the display as it’s top lifted up?

  10. pickler Says:

    Hmm, it might be handy if extremely drunk. Though if you are so despeatly inebreated that you must call on it’s services perhaps coffee and a little soothing Mozart would be more suitable offerings? Where is the vomit recepticle and sanitary wipe dispenser?

  11. raburabu Says:

    The stuff it’s pouring isn’t even proper beer… it’s the hop-free stuff, made by Asahi to avoid beer tax. Cheap way to get drunk if you spent all your money on a stupid robot that can’t pour a proper beer. Give it Asahi Super Dry, at least for the video. I’ll even pay (umm… can’t remember the price for the 354ml can, but 500ml is 271 yen) … for it.

    Japan ought to switch to a base-271 coinage. Just thing… 1 kozoikuen = 1.845cc of beer, 1 chuuzoikuen = 1 beer, 1 daizoikuen = 271 beers, 1 kyouzoikuen = 73,441 beers, 1 bakuzoikuen = 19,902,511 beers, 1 mirudakedetatsuzoikuen = 5,393,580,481, 1 mirudakedeikuzoikuen = 1,461,660,310,351, and so on.

    Lol, 9.5-fingered Japanese general manager wandered by while between kyouzoikyen and bakazoikyen, so I showed him the video. SGI wacko.

    Anyways, current US deficit (as of 2008. is roughly 16 bakuzoikuen… not bad.

  12. Mr. Evil Says:

    Takes waaaay too long for a beer, and it really does get too much head.

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