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September 8, 2006

How the Scuderi Air Hybrid Engine works

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Andrew McCaskey from Slashdot Review posted an interesting video of a motor that could develop into a common method of increasing efficiency.

“Scuderi’s cycle is much like the Miller cycle in that it attempts to delay the opening of the exhaust valve as much as possible to take full advantage of the expanding combustion gases. Traditionally, the Miller cycle -completely unrelated to Miller Time, by the way – uses a mechanical supercharger to prevent reversion of the exhaust gases into the intake tract. Scuderi uses the compression cylinder and a poppet valve and check valve arrangement in the crossover passage to the same effect.”


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5 Responses to “How the Scuderi Air Hybrid Engine works”

  1. BronzeG3 Says:

    Sounds good. I am curious of the power to weight ratio, not to mention increased cost of adding an air tank. I hope to see some concept cars with this soon.

  2. aefaradien Says:

    I agree with BronzeG3, while this sounds good, it is still just a concept until it is seen operating (makes me think of the HHO vid a while back). but nice idea…

  3. xcursedx Says:


    the wankel rules all, they need to work more on the wankel and other forms of internal combustion engines.
    they had a hydrogen wankel ages ago, it seems the added tank would just induce lag, either this would have to be a low rpm large bore engine usefull for trucks busses etc. meh…..

  4. Z Says:

    Agreed, pistons sucks, rotors rule.
    Mazda does indeed build a rotary running on hydrogen, to bad it only has about half the power output compared to when it’s running on petrol.

  5. MV Says:

    Scuderi Air Hybrid will be a household name. Watch and learn.

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