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September 6, 2006

Hacked Ikea LED Mood Lamp

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You may remember the first RGB light from tobe.nimio.info. They have made a new and improved version. A schematic is also provided.

“After making my pyramid mood light with 12 high power leds, i decided to make a bigger and better version, without the emphasis on the low budget.. After all, the pyramid mood lamp was more of a proof of concept with its shortcomings. I wanted the new mood lamp to be more powerful, so it could also be used in daylight conditions. I did this by using a z-power 3 watt RGB power led. This one led is far more powerful than the 12 ones combined i used before. The colors also mix better because of the wider opening angle and because the rgb chips lay very close together.”

Via: Make


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5 Responses to “Hacked Ikea LED Mood Lamp”

  1. Smarter than you Says:

    I thought it was a typo… it’s SHOWN man, SHOWN… “shown here” whatever..

  2. Smarter than you Says:

    my comment was a bit harsh, I see now that English isn’t his first language.

  3. 我不喜欢-Blog » DIY LED Mood Lamp Says:

    […] [via Make – HackedGadgets] […]

  4. Steve Says:

    Please note that I have updated the schematics and
    software to show better component values and fix
    some bugs in the code. A set of files is available at:


  5. Steve Says:

    A full set of fixed files is now available here:


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