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September 6, 2006

Giant Walking Robot

at 4:33 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks, Insane Equipment, What Were They Thinking


This robot reminds me of the car eating robots that were shown at the intermission of car races.

“Initially our mechs will be used for entertainment purposes and will eventually be fitted to fight in a large arena designed to accommodate these great machines. The pilot control is a special system called mech interface manual integration control (mimic) system, designed specifically to allow the mech to emulate any movement done by the controlling pilot”

Via: TechEBlog


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5 Responses to “Giant Walking Robot”

  1. Nobody Says:

    Totally fake.

  2. Krusty Says:

    I want an army of these!!!

  3. eric Says:

    not fake, totally legit. They had him on a show on G4 back when it was still a respectible channel called TechTV

  4. meh Says:

    It doesnt walk…It moved a leg, but it did not walk

  5. Weiss Says:

    Hey i like it ^_^
    It may no be that much, but if you got a better one then let me se it.

    I think that the most important thing is doing it, if it works or not you still did some thing and thats better then nothing… Right????


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