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September 2, 2006

Gym of the Future?

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Could this be the Gym of the future? It is an interesting idea.

“What about creating green gyms where people pay their memberships as normal, but then use swipe cards before and after they get on the machines. The difference here is that the machines would all be linked to a large central generator, so if you are really working out you will be generating much more energy than is needed to power the machine display.

The swipe cards would monitor how much time you spent on each machine then – depending on the efficiency of the machine – calculate whether you were a net user or contributor of energy to the building. At the end of the year, people get a rebate on their membership depending on how much energy their use of the treadmills and cardio machines has generated for the gym.”


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12 Responses to “Gym of the Future?”

  1. J-shmoe Says:

    try the outdoors

  2. Ben Hennessy Says:


  3. Doug Says:

    commercial electricity is so cheap ( $0.10/KwH ) you’d have to exercise an extreme amount to even make a few dollars worth of electricity. The energy savings from harvesting the “free” electricity would likely not pay for the extra electrical wiring and card swipe hardware necessary to implement this idea, let alone make your gym membership cheaper. It might be nice to track your calories burned for dieting purposes…

    If you want to save money and exercise at the same time, bike or jog instead of driving a car. I save about $3 a day commuting to and from work.

  4. Raul Says:

    This already is available.

  5. simon Says:

    Treadmills use up electricity not generate it.

  6. Q Says:

    screw the gym and use it to power your house. thm you can use the money you don’t spend at a gym or on electricity for something else.

  7. zero_cool Says:

    how about a different application?
    how many inmates do we have nationwide?


    why not combining the cross trainers or whatever u might have at
    home with a dynamo that supports a ralay.
    And this relay switches the TV or whatever.
    So, no training on your “bicycle” – no TV.

  9. Greg Says:

    I read about something like this in the 80’s. Although it wasn’t gym membership, it was recumbant bicycle trains for commuters. More ‘effort’ meant credits for showers or other amenities.

  10. Greg Says:

    I have heard of this same thing but instead with recumbant bike trains/pods. The more energy the user expends the more perks and benefits he obtains. (I.E. Shower tokens, rate cut, etc.)

  11. Greg Says:

    haha.. it appears I commented on this before… LOL

  12. Alex Says:

    it would take about 4 million people pedaling 24 hrs a day to power a single home, I don’t think this is viable, though it may make a good marketing angle…but hey, if you want to power your tv this way, pardon my pun, all the power to yeh!( the average home in BC Canada uses about 97 Gj a year, this translates to about 26940 kwh, this translates to about 97000000000 watts. With current generating stationary bikes, the average person can produce about 75 watts an hour…I could be wrong in my math so feel free to check it…;) )

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