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August 31, 2006

SVGA Glasses

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Are you tired of using the Techno Scarf to get some privacy? Why not simply use these SVGA glasses.

“i-glasses SVGA3D Pro is a wearable, portable, high-resolution monitor designed specifically for a wide variety of computer applications and it supports stereoscopic 3D computer imaging! Connect the SVGA3D Pro to any computer’s 15-pin VGA port for an instant, giant screen view in complete privacy – a simple yet effective solution to prying eyes in public places. Great for outdoor use with any laptop or portable computer where the “washout” effect caused by direct sunlight renders typical LCD screens useless (optional battery required). On the road, use i-glasses as an alternate monitor for watching DVDs on your laptop. Your traveling companion will appreciate them! i-glasses are compatible with nVidia-based graphics cards using stereo drivers. The SVGA Pro features a patented optical design that is comfortable for nearly all users with no adjustments necessary. The effect is equivalent to a 70 inch monitor viewed from 13 feet away.”

Via: Gizmowatch


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7 Responses to “SVGA Glasses”

  1. Alexander Says:

    Wow. Imagine how quickly you’ll get shot if you take one of these out on a airplane. XD

    Great idea though… Just want to know the price. And it’s only 800×600? holy crap… I haven’t run that since highschool.

  2. Nil Says:

    we want to know the price!

    saluti from Italy!


  3. BronzeG3 Says:

    Price from the gizmowatch page is $1,149.99. A bit expensive…

    I really don’t think products like this will go very far. IMO, we need more displays that we can wear while walking, and still be able to see around us. I’m thinking of the HUD’s some pilots wear attached to their helmet.

  4. JJ Says:

    Could have a small camera in the front to give you a small image of what is going on.

  5. fritzgutten Says:

    these are fairly nice, but arent perfect, they can be flakey. but for a HMD the price cant be beat.

  6. Cade Says:

    “optional battery required”? aren’t optional things usually not required?

  7. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Cade,

    LOL 🙂 Looks like bad wording… I think it means that the optional batteries are needed to use it in direct sunlight. They need to hire you as a proof-reader!

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