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August 28, 2006


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The perfect present for under the tree… These Genpets were designed to create a stir and it seems they did. Check out this site to see how they were advertised, and this site explains how they were really created and why.

“This piece is a mix of design, industry, art and science. The sculpture consists of nineteen plastic packages hung from store hooks displaying streamlined, mass produced Bio-engineered life. The setup is complimented by small video displays, posters, and a product catalogue, which display information and video clips about the products.

Each package consists of custom vacuum formed plastic surrounding a foam latex animatron; Strange animals, grown and altered, by bioengineering, but clearly mammalian. They are twitching, shaking, clawing, and head butting their packaging but twist ties keep them held in place. Feeding tubes supply the creatures with nourishment, as well as electricity for the glowing “fresh strips” and heart monitors. But these are not plastic toys, these are mass produced, copyrighted life; modified for consumption.

These animals have been deemed worthless and marketed as midrange children’s toys. Like curiosities, they are on display but not in glass jars, rather plastic. They are tethered, but for practicality, not for security, and these cables demonstrate their relationship of utter dependency and submission right away upon birth. They are asleep in their packages complacently waiting to join their new homes as one more possession as the latest and greatest form of consumable technology.”

Thanks Zalo


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66 Responses to “Genpets”

  1. me again Says:


  2. m Says:

    so its all fake

  3. manooch Says:

    it’s not real

  4. Laughing and Cringing Says:

    I’m getting as much of a kick out of your reactions as I can imagine the creator of this piece is. It’s really amusing, and at the same time, disturbing to see you all post here. There are a few who realize that this is an excellent statement, those who didn’t check into it and state how horrified/angry they are about this “product,” and those who would embrace such a thing if it ever were mass-marketed. I don’t know whether I hate the human race or truly pity it for being such a silly and lazy group. My brain hurts.

  5. center reviews Says:

    It is amazing that the toy becaomes more and more , and there is no this kind of toys in china.

    I think this toy can help the children lwarning more on themslf.

  6. Laughing and Cringing Says:


  7. Manuel Says:

    You guys are STUPID AS FUK!!! the reason why Adam created Genpets and Genpets.com its to show the world of how IGNORANT people are when it comes down to bioengineering…in AMERICA 80% of the food the people eat its GMO = Genetically Manufactured Organism/Foods.. so i ask.. is it really that HARD TO SEE THE TRUTH..? no its not.. but it is THE PEOPLE’S FAULT for being careless and ignorant on such topic.. right now Mexico.. Canada & Argentina are Suffering from GMO CROPS.. thanks to the MOFO behind it “MONSANTO CORPORATION OF AMERICA” these Tyrans/Animals have created BT corn.. corn GMO with its own PESTICIDE BUILT IN ITS DNA.. and thats what AMERICANS EAT!!! so i ask.. wheres the truth on Cancer cures..or Obesity??? when the same people that Americans Vote for ARE WORKING OR USED TO WORK FOR MONSANTO.. the CHEMICAL COMPANY which now its a FOOD COMPANY.. hahaha get it??? Adam its just trying to show you IMBECILS how bioengineering has messed up OUR WORLD! and how SOON WE WILL ALL ACCEPT AND SEE GENPET LIKE CREATURES BEING SOLD WORLD WIDE FOR.. $$$$$$$$$$$ which its the real truth behind it all.. ohh and lets not FORGET POPULATION CONTROL.. sell the idiots GMO food which Causes Sickness then they go to the same corrupt FDA and buy PILLS PILLS PILLS then get WORST with those POISONs which is what pills are and DIE.. FAST!!! its 2009 theres no cure for cancer.. aids nor anything else… JUST TREATMENTS and GMO Foods, Growth Hormones and plenty of other GMO SHIT.welcome to REALITY ZOMBIES die happy. keep eating MONSANTO’S GMO’S! REMEMBER 80% of the Food Supply in USA its already GMO in 2009.

    care to fight??? WATCH ON GOOGLE VIDEO:



    “Fox News Kills Monsanto Milk Story”






  8. Laughing and Cringing Says:

    Manuel, you’re right. I’ve given up on preaching to people, though. Most people either don’t care or don’t have the means to spend extra money on non-GMO groceries these days. And it’s not as if they’re easy to identify, either. Grassroots education is great in theory, but without some serious collective action with a well-funded (and, unfortunately, inherently corrupt) financial backing, good luck chipping away at Monsanto.
    It’s not as if the people can boycott their products, can they? Think long and hard before you fire away an angry post claiming that it’s likely. The populous mindset just isn’t there. Education works to a point, but still leaves most of those who do the research and see the light looking like a group of madmen. The problem MUST be attacked from the top-down, and unless a major political force comes after it, you’re pissing in the wind. If you really want this to change, get some financial backing and some strong political ties. Lobby, lobby, lobby. Repeat. That’s how the system works in the US. Not that that’s a good thing.

  9. alana Says:

    gen pets are most definitely real and i think its a tragedy for them to be creating life that lives in plastic to be taken into the hands of any freak that chooses to…living creatures being created with a ‘shelf life’ WTF…..i can’t believe its happening.. please don’t support this.. these little creatures have been given ‘brains’, they bleed when cut! i think this is about the most inhumane thing i have ever seen…….
    look for yourself http://www.genpets.com/index.php

  10. Laughing and Cringing...Mainly Just Cringing By Now Says:

    Words cannot describe the stupidity of that post. Has it ever occurred to you that the website is part of the ART INSTALLATION, you moron?

    Oh, wait… It’s on a website. It MUST be real! My mistake.

    Never mind the fact that there are no concrete ways provided on the website to obtain one of these “real” “living creatures.”

    Art, moron.

  11. alana Says:

    wow..ok… No it did not occur to me.
    I should have researched (despite the fact that i do not have countless hours to spend on forums).
    You are quite right though your manner is poor.
    Whatever would I do without the people that live in front of their computer day and night correcting me in forums in a most rude manner..
    Thankfully we have people like you who have nothing better to do with themselves. 🙂 btw in hating the human race you are only hating yourself…and pity?.. grow up

  12. Laughing and Cringing...Mainly Just Cringing By Now Says:

    That’s an idea… Or you could read.

  13. sadeq Says:

    genpet is a start for destroying the human kind.

  14. miranda Says:

    lol to all you skeptics and believers if all of you send me a dollar i would go out and buy one of those, than i would take videos of it playing with me or doind whatever its doing and create a true diary of its life for the whole year or 3 however long it lived for, abd i would post it on youtube for all of you and me to see if its real i would love it and care for it like my other pets cause yes it might be cruel for it to live in a package but wtf? it didnt ask to be made, or born, so if its here lets get it, or try to, see for our selves and tell the trooth with actual video footage to proove its animal or mechanical existance, whatever it is lets actually put it on you tube for all to see in action out of the package with explanations how it eats and sleeps how it mooves what it learns and how it recognizez its owner in stead of just talking about it who is in?

  15. miranda Says:

    and if it is purely mechanical and ONLY IF ITS PURELY MECHANICAL i will my self disect it after its life span is complete, to show all of you what it is actually made of.

  16. css123chris Says:

    if thay cost less than a few hnderd dolers i will atempt to bye or convince them to give me a ded one like the shelf life has expierd i will dicect it and post a video online but i could not kill one its one of those so ugly its cute thengs

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