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August 21, 2006

USB WIFI Antenna

at 4:04 am. Filed under Computer Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Looking for an inexpensive way to enhance your WIFI reception? You simple have to raid your kitchen cupboards to do it with this project.

“I did not have immediate access to “Chinese parabolic cookware” however I will use one next time. instead, I used an eight inch strainer , without the strainer I do not get a signal in my house. this entire instructable has been uploaded via the strainer/usb antenna.”


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6 Responses to “USB WIFI Antenna”

  1. hack247 admin Says:

    Nice, i’ve been experimenting myself with the USB pringles Cantenna, early results are good…

  2. scott Says:

    how can i hook up homemade antenna to usb. I have laptop with wireless built in, went to places like radio shack looking for usb and a “n” connector. I am on the cusp, internet fades in and out, which is not good when taking test online for school. Thx!

  3. David Says:

    ajjaja yeah baby !!!!

    DIY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hiddentech Says:

    sory but this antenna is out of focus. the focus should be about 3”
    please email me back

  5. dr.boose Says:

    Maybe next time use a real dish, like an old TV dish for even better results!

  6. cantenna Says:

    We at Illumi-nations.com offer better wifi antennas.

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