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August 19, 2006

Pedal Powered Television

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Save on your energy bill and loose weight with this home made pedal wheel generator.

“The Pedal Powered Prime Mover (PPPM) can be assembled with standard hand tools (drill, hacksaw, wrench, pliers, screwdriver, etc.). There is no welding, brazing or machine-shop work required. The PPPM can be used to power virtually anything that spins or rotates, as long as the effort required is within the capabilities of the rider..The approximate cost for parts to construct the PPPM, based on full retail prices at hardware and bicycle stores in Northern California, is US $230.00”

Via: Make


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5 Responses to “Pedal Powered Television”

  1. chris Says:

    not to pose the words dumbest question but why didnt they gear this system or make it into a pully system so that the dude doesnt have to pedal so hard?

    not to mention i had an interesting idea… if it could be scaled down and made into an upgrade for an existing treadmill…. i could see gyms installing them on their equipment and running them into a gridtie-in … i mean if you’ve got people sitting there burning sweat constantly why not use it 🙂 lower electric bills for helping people loose weight 🙂

  2. hack247 admin Says:

    Never thought of it like that! Gym’s could install them in all their equipment to lower their electricity bills – genius!!

  3. Seppuku Says:

    My father did this to me and my siblings when I was a kid (as a joke)…as the youngest I got forced into creating energy. As children we had all sorts of wierd electrical contraptions forced upons us because my dad is an electrical mad scientist…good times!!

  4. Bazzty Says:

    this is my first comment here after two days watching – some ppl have to do with the DVBT – tecnologie to watch TV like this 😉 better where to use an computer with 3 persons – two make the Energy and one is the administrator on the keyboard – just smile on this comment 😉

    Thats an very good site – thank you for your work!


  5. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks Bazzty.

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