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August 16, 2006

Glowing Keyboard Mod

at 7:42 am. Filed under Computer Hacks

This is a cool mod that get some light inside a computer without using LEDs! Instead the creator used some electroluminescent wire.

“This is my glowing keyboard mod.It is lit up with neon (electroluminescent) wire. I decided to use blue beacuse my case is blue and the whole set up is blue/red themed, and since red is too harsh on the eyes I chose blue. I also addes a switch on the back so I can turn it off when it gets annoying. I had to dig a trench with my dremel so the wire wouldn’t get in the way when the keys are pushed down, then i glued the wire into the trench, routed the wire ot of the keyboard, added a switch and made a power outlet behind my pc where I plug it for the power.”