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August 16, 2006

Bluevoice combines wristwatch, headset

at 6:20 am. Filed under What Were They Thinking

As if some of those other ear pieces aren’t big enough. Might as well make it take up your full ear and put a clock on it.

“Chronotech is getting ready to unveil a watch that also functions as a communication device. Bluevoice, the first telephone watch based on Bluetooth wireless technology is expected to be publicly announced on November 8, 2006 when it is unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Shows’ Press Conference in New York and then showcased at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show.”

Via: Engadget


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One Response to “Bluevoice combines wristwatch, headset”

  1. Jon Hatch Says:

    Hmmm…My first question about this “watch” is, “How can you tell what time it is, if it is stuck to your ear”. Doesn’t seem very logical to me. It looks to be a pretty cool idea for the “look at me” types out there, but not very practical. It seems like the makers of this typ of watch are stretching and just looking for ideas to be different. Not really my cup of tea, but I would not be surprised if these watches are selling well.

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