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August 15, 2006

Nokia Cell Phone Mouse

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Why buy a mouse for your laptop when you can use your camera phone!

“Many laptop owners carry a spare mouse because they dont like the built in control, or because they just like to use a mouse. This adds weight, things to remember etc when you go anywhere. Also, if you use somebody elses laptop you may not be able to use their pad at all! I often setup software for somebody else on a laptop and curse the wigglestick on the keyboard that they fumble on with because they are that slow anyway but it holds me up. If I had a mouse with me at all times that would be amazing. So, the NokiaMouse was born. Most phones now have a camera and can run Java, there is no reason that some software couldnt be written to watch for movement in the camera, and translate that into mouse signals for the PC. Bluetooth could be used to send the data to the PC.
So there was my challenge, a java program that took multiple frames from the nokia camera, translated that into direction and speed and sent it to the PC as mouse movements.”


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16 Responses to “Nokia Cell Phone Mouse”

  1. EOM Says:

    that;s just too handy to have around.

  2. trapp1 Says:


  3. Macka Says:

    How do you click? did you setup buttons for that or do you still use the KB?

  4. the least significant bit » Blog Archive » Hacked Gadgets Says:

    […] Nokia cell phone mouse […]

  5. Dude Says:

    Does the phone still have it’s original functionality intact, or did you wipe and rewrite the memory? (does it still work as a phone?)
    Also, I have that nokia phone! can i get a copy of that app anywhere, that is really cool!

  6. S Says:

    Does the phone still have it’s original functionality intact, or did you wipe and rewrite the memory? (does it still work as a phone?)
    Also, I have that nokia phone! can i get a copy of that app anywhere, that is really cool!

  7. Mendi Says:

    Where do I get this cool program?

  8. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Mendi,

    The author of the software is not making it available.

  9. JP du Plooy Says:

    How is that at all possible? A cellphone cannot focus on an object as close as a few millimeters to the lense. The lense on cellphone cameras are tiny and so they barely capture any light in low-light conditions, how must it see anything when it is virtually flat on the table? I also doubt that the cellphone is able to capture a sufficient number of frames per second and process them fast enough to provide such smooth operation.

  10. Mav Says:

    If the author aint gunna release it hes a real idiot ..
    Why make something cool like that, and then keep it private?


  11. Acesta Says:

    JP du Plooy is right… there’s the posibility that the phone only captures the pictures, that have a small resolution, and sends them via bluetooth to the target PC, and the PC software interprets them.

  12. Macka Says:

    I don’t think it needs to focus, i think it just needs to detect the image has changed, and the direction in which it is moving.

  13. Brian Says:

    Watch how far he holds it away from the surface. This is why it works.

    I imagine it works better in a well lit room.

  14. jakariaj jaman Says:

    Unbeleived that bluetoot mouse.
    What is work this ?
    Every 6230i user used to bluetoot mouse.

  15. nope... Says:

    Nope, sorry, that just isn’t real.
    I mean, it is a great idea and all, probably fisable (to an extent) – but yours is likely to be fake.

    1) The camera on the 6230i is VGA resolution – very small camera images! It also means the quality of both video and images is poor – making the task of registering directional translations even more difficult than it already was.
    2) For video feeds, the camera can only capture a maximum of 15 fps. But of course, not all of those frames will be clear enough to show any change in direction. The movement shown onscreen would never be as smooth if your phone could only make 5 mouse movements every second!
    3) Onscreen your dragging the window – so, what button exactly are you holding on the phone to do that, then? You’re not touching the keyboard, you’ve got the camera in the other hand!
    4) You haven’t released the java app – maybe that’s because it’s somewhat ‘unavailable’?

    Basically, mate, get real and stop wasting everyone’s time with your fake. It can be done, but you just didn’t.

  16. Unknown Says:

    You are so ryt dude (nope…), i agree with u. I just thought of the cellphone mouse idea and decided to check if it existed thru the net, n i found this idiots video clip. There is obviously a bluetooth mouse or USB mouse in connection with the computer, and the cellphine movement is there for show. Like u said, what is he clicking in order to drag the window. cheap scam, dnt know WHY IN THE WORLD someone would do that,,,,waste of time. And he Wasted my time typing this…BUT the world had to know

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