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August 14, 2006

Jet Powered Scooter

at 6:21 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks, Insane Equipment, What Were They Thinking

Well this is one way to get a bit more speed out of a moped!

“Here’s my wife’s Honda Metropolitan scooter. She wants it to go faster than 40 mph. So I have these two little JFS 100 jet engines and I am thinking how to put them on the scooter. Engines are 50 lbm each so weight is an issue. Will probably use air-start with a carbon fiber tank of compressed air. That saves weight since batteries will then not be needed.
Looks cool from the top. Will want to make aluminum housings to go over the engines just like on a DC-9. ”


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14 Responses to “Jet Powered Scooter”

  1. tripdragon Says:

    DUDE ! Do you love your wife ?? Thats sooooooo frenk’n cool…! But for the love of god Don’t let it go toooo fast.. And make sure she has some sort of clamp to hold her wrists to the handels when they start up. That kick is going to be something else…

    russian voice *switch tur-bo jets on* *WOOOOOOOOOOSH*


  2. DC Oriole Says:

    Gee, this has Darwin Award written all over it…

  3. hashish Says:

    awesome, but imagine driving on the highway and you get passed by one of these, you immediately say, wtf?

  4. Dr. No Says:

    Where can I get jet engines?

  5. smokingbowl Says:

    As for how to mount them, at 50lbs a peice, I would personally concider mounting them like the old vespa side cars. The extra wheels will help with stability and perhaps you can design it to detach for when you dont need (er… want?) them.

  6. carnage411 Says:

    Yeah, um, I don’t know if this is gonna pass california emissions. 🙂

  7. turbochris Says:

    if you really loved her, you would have left the power turbines on the JFS100’s. 200 shaft horsepower to the rear wheel would give her the thrill of a lifetime. JFS100’s make wimpy turbojets

  8. TerrorBite Says:

    Wow, I’ve wanted to put rockets on my pushbike for ages, and this is just as cool.

  9. the least significant bit » Blog Archive » Hacked Gadgets Says:

    […] Jet powered scooter […]

  10. Alex Says:

    wow, it’s cool! 🙂

  11. EDMT » two wheel hacks Says:

    […] Of course, we have seen the likes of this before. Sometimes low tech, somtimes high tech. Always interesting. […]

  12. EDMT Says:

    […] Two wheel hacks2006-12-14 20:33:44 by edmt in design, mechanical (no comments) permalink Of course, we have seen the likes of this before. Sometimes low tech, somtimes high tech. Alwaysinteresting. […]

  13. justdave Says:

    Looks fun but be sure to stretch the frame a little, or put wheelie bars on it.

  14. JJ Says:

    Maybe you need to put a wheel under each engine to stabilize it lol!!!

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