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August 11, 2006

Ballbot Balances Itself On One Ball

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Move over Segway this technology might spawn some cooler creations!

“Our research goal is to gain a deeper understanding of how such dynamic agility can be achieved in mobile machines interacting with people and operating in normal home and workplace environments. We are developing novel dynamically-stable rolling machine and walking machine research platforms to study this issue. We will evaluate the efficacy of this type of dynamic locomotion in the context of human environments.

Significant insights will be gained from this research toward producing agile motive platforms which in the future could be combined with the research community’s ongoing work in perception, navigation, and cognition, to yield truly capable intelligent mobile robots for use in physical contact with people. Such robots could provide many useful services, especially for the elderly or physically challenged, in their everyday work and home environments. Many other uses such as entry into hostile environments, rescue in buildings, and surveillance to safeguard people or property can be envisioned. ”

Via: OhGizmo and TechEBlog


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3 Responses to “Ballbot Balances Itself On One Ball”

  1. Robotic Self Balancing Table - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] I wonder if the self balancing craze will make it into some real products (other than the Segway). I want a robot like this one that follows me around the house with a laptop. That way I will always be ready to get some work done when the urge strikes. What I really want to see is the same idea but built on a Ballbot type system. […]

  2. Liviu Says:

    Looking for an electronic diagram and schematics to build up DIY a dynamic ballancing set in two planes for rotors up to 250 g and 7000 rpm.



  3. Ball Balancing Robot - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] We have seen a Ball Balancing Robot before but this one takes the cake! It was developed by Masaaki Kumagai and Takaya Ochiai from the Robot Development Engineering Laboratory and Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems at the Tohoku Gakuin University in Japan. […]

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