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August 10, 2006

PIC Chip LED Flasher

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Here is a simple DIY project that makes a cool LED flasher circuit. Check out this site for more information including full schematics and other diagrams.

“Five pins from RA0 to RA4 are used as the input pin.
These pins are pull-uped with 10K ohm resisters. So, when a switch isn’t pushed, the input becomes H level ( +5V ). and when a switch is pushed, it will become L level ( 0V ). When the switch closes, the chattering occurs. The chattering is the phenomenon which occurs with the bound of the point of contact. The opening and shutting of a point of contact is repeated in short time..
I don’t put the prevention circuit of the chattering at the circuit this time. When the software detects that the switch is closed once, the blink processing of LEDs are executed in the time which is longer than the chattering.”


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19 Responses to “PIC Chip LED Flasher”

  1. RedDeath Says:

    Hey sweet!
    Thanks for showing this to everybody I’ll have a use for it!

  2. Pete Lancashire Says:

    nice breadboarding .. seems to be a lost art now days


  3. Zurdit Says:

    Really cool! 😀

  4. Peter Says:

    I have a plan for this…..

  5. Kerdip Says:

    Seems interesting.. but, the “Sponsored Link” box on left, blocks ur text (on 800x600px screen), just fyi..

  6. Kaffebönan Says:

    I love flashing lights!

  7. mehdi Says:

    exciting and fantastic.

  8. Fire48 Says:


    Is it posible to order the chip IC1, progrmed and sent too Belgium?
    What is the price of it?



  9. David Says:

    I like pattern 5…how would you make it light the first led, and each one in sequence after that keeping the all the previous ones lit?…once it gets to the last one, they’d all go off.

  10. K.Ajay Says:

    I am greatfully for gettting which I want to get I like all project in this. Thanking for
    getting my led project If there is any new plz send to my e-mail id once again i thanking

  11. Dwayne Says:

    Using a pic 12F683 I was able to drive 19 LEDs…



  12. Amar Says:

    Very good project and it also works

  13. Ralph M Says:

    That’s pretty cool! There’s a similar lighting kit on this site: http://www.lifelites.com Looks like that one has 2 buttons and 8 sequences. I was thinking about trying to make one myself. Thanks for posting!

  14. Gehan Nilanga Says:

    this is the only circuit that I have seen very simplest flasher can create various flashing systems.Thousand thanks you to show
    us this circuit.

  15. Wayne Says:

    Is it posible to order the chip IC1, progrmed and sent too Washington State USA?
    What is the price of it?
    I am looing at aobut 5 to 6 chips.

  16. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Wayne,

    You can contact the creator to see if he has them available for shipping.

    Shipping might be expensive though since he is in Japan.

  17. Bill Gaston Says:


    Can you or someone that you know make me a circuit board that will sequencially light 16 LED’s, ideally bi-directionally. The LED that I would like to use is a NTE 30034 LED that operates on 4 to 5.5 volts.

    Please advise,

    Bill Gaston

  18. Alan Parekh Says:

    Simplest way would be to use a microcontroller that has 16 or more outputs and control them individually.

  19. chakri Says:

    nice job, congrats

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