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August 10, 2006

LEGO Rubberband Sniper Rifle

at 5:27 am. Filed under Toy Hacks

MiniFlash sent in some pictures of his latest creation. It is a LEGO sniper rifle that is sure to pack a punch.


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31 Responses to “LEGO Rubberband Sniper Rifle”

  1. lolapol Says:

    where can i buy it?
    ive been tryin to make one for a long time and it doesnt work but
    that is SOO cool

  2. john doe Says:

    your an idiot
    get a life

  3. Nick Loggins Says:

    legos are for littel kids u punk

  4. will Says:

    it sucks


    This is the COOLEST THING ON EARTH!! IM A MAGICIAN and i would love to buy this off of you for 1 whole penny! I love this creation!! Or maybe we can get together and you can show me how to build a sniper and ill show you my magician tricks! yay! MY FIRST FRIEND!!

  6. Sniper Bob Says:

    Doesn’t even look like a sniper freak

  7. ryan Says:

    looks wierd, probably goes 4 inches or so, if you fired it the front would probably break and slam back into your face

  8. Haseeb Anjum Says:

    I would’ve never figured it out that it was a “rifle”.. lols

  9. Jameh Says:

    looks like a space station. i agree with Haseeb Anjum

  10. Kris Says:

    your right haseeb it looks like a chewed pencil…

  11. Lee-Enfield Says:

    go buy a real rifle.

  12. stu Says:

    wot a load of crap….no offence….y dnt ya buy a real rifle!

  13. Waz Says:

    Are you for real? Is that a sniper rifle or a hammer? It probably brakes into pieces if you fire it.

  14. oli Says:

    look like a pitel 2 me lol! loooks like 1/20th of da real rifle i got.

  15. tulkin Says:

    how can i buy BlueSniper Rifle

  16. brendan Says:

    how dose that look like a sniper rifle it is sh1t

  17. sniper fighter ace Says:

    you guys are s freakin rude ,that sniper is awesome. go talk mean to yourself

  18. coo man Says:

    your mom is so short she needs a sticky hand to open her car door!

  19. coo man Says:

    you still play with legos ha ha

  20. nicolas Says:

    am i the only one that thinks its cool or is it beceause i am only a begginer a building guns :^(

  21. stu Says:

    dude, this is pathetic! if ya wanna real rifle ima sellin 1 with scope and mounts for $45!!!! this would most likely be more useful as a target thn a rifle!!

  22. Killer_ Says:

    Are you bullshitting me or something?
    That thing probably breaks when you even touch it 🙁
    But on the good side, if it doesn’t break it hits your face (:

  23. benjy butt Says:

    sup brandon! this is benjy.

  24. anonymius Says:

    omg it sucks!

  25. ljljljl Says:

    looks to weak and thin to have any significant rubber bands put on it so you’d be better off using ur hands

  26. ibujo Says:

    build them out of wood, works a lot better

  27. nbguns Says:

    omg that is horrible! my lego shotgun looks like a shotgun, and it fires like crazy!!!! and my friend made a sniper rifle that looks exactly like a springfield rifle and it has 350 fps!

  28. nemo Says:

    check out http://www.brickgun.com here you find some cool guns

  29. sniper king Says:

    it shit i made a kar 98k using lego and its mutch better then that

  30. Danny Says:

    when i go outside, people ACTUALY talk to me!

  31. the tax negotiator Says:

    you keep on saying this guy has no life. why don’t you get your own, and stop looking at this website?

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