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August 10, 2006

Fire Fighting Robot

at 6:10 am. Filed under Insane Equipment

I can see these fire fighting robots being positioned on street corners ready to spring into action when needed.

“This firefighting robot presented in July 2006 has many advantages among others, as:
-It is four times more powerful in its traction system;
-It has Fault Tolerant Architecture with redundancy in its moving system;
-It has lighting system;
-It was constructed completely modular;
-It has at least 100 % more autonomy, with a full load capacity up to a minimum of six hours;
-It has its charging system mounted in its transport car;
-It has a trapezoidal design track capable to cross obstacles;
-It can have water cannons capable to have a water flow up to 7,600 liters per min.;
-It has internally, two Foam Generator Liquid reservoirs with 25 liters capacity each;
Besides that it can have infrared or commum vídeo câmeras and be controlled by wireless remote control.”

Via: TeamDroid


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13 Responses to “Fire Fighting Robot”

  1. Mathews Says:

    So cool
    The Brazil tecnologi is realy fantastic!

  2. [Geeks Are Sexy] Tech. News Says:

    While these robots may be very useful in extremely dangerous situations (exterme heat, risks of building collapsing), I don’t think they could replace a human firefighter… not yet anyway 😉

  3. Steve Says:

    “firefighting robot”? It’s a self-propelled master device. It cannot climb stairs, and wouldn’t fit through a door in the first place. It’d be useful for an exterior attack in a collapse or explosion hazard, but… the *need* to make such an attack during those situations is so extremely rare that it’s pointless. *MAYBE* a firefighter will encounter such a situation twice in his/her 20 year career. And meanwhile, for the other 9000000 calls… you need to lug this thing along so that you have it when the need arises. Because when you need it, if it’s back at the station… by the time it’s brought to the scene, you don’t need it anymore; the structure is gone.

    And quite frankly, if you’re pumping 7600 LPM (2000 GPM) into a structure, you’re trying to save the basement anyway. 16,000 pounds / 7250 kg of water, per minute, onto a floor of that structure. How much does a car weigh? Every minute?

    Looks great, but it’s about as useful as a Gradall Strongarm’s “piercing nozzle” – http://www.gradallstrongarm.com/.

  4. chris from holly mi Says:

    This new tool is great if you wanna put fire fighters out of a job, theres no human touch to this no good job boys you saved another. I agree with steve if you wanna save the basement then put the robot in. can this robot pull children and adults out of a burning building??

  5. Ethan Says:

    Im a volunteer fire fighter with Norwood Center Rural and we have had some big fire in the last year they were both texttile plants and it was hard to fight both fire we had three ladder trucks come we had three trucks that were using deck gun and we were shuffling water every second because every second counts any ways it would of helped if we had the robot because it could had gotten in the bay doors where we could not go because of heat……

  6. Brandon Says:

    The only way I could see this going anywere is if they sold the machine to companys who want it.
    That way if the compnay has a fire than its aready over there, easy to acsess, and on hand at the
    site of the fire. The company that buys the machine would pobably make there insurance happy because
    incase of a fire they have a machine that will help save the building. Then after a while when
    there has been enuff fire for statistics you can say somthing along the lines of 9 out of 10
    companys with the machine dont lose there building or would have a better chance of saving it. Then
    all the insurance companys would want to have that machine at all the buildings they insure causing
    the companys the buy more of your machines. Well I hope this makes sence.

  7. faggot Says:

    its pretty sweet, it could get alot of girls cause you know…girls like robots with skills…you know firefighting skills, computer hacking skills, being red…skills:)

  8. faggot Says:

    i wanna have sex with it

  9. john Says:

    im sorry but i see no need to replace the human firefighter with a mindless robot that wont be able to feel if there is a person in danger. not only that but its a robot it has no concept of human compassion, so it can go in a place that a firefighter can like extreme conditions but i myself have been in very extreme conditions being on the job the only use i see this robot has is at a airport were it can get close to the aircraft to put out the fire

  10. fireman Says:

    I think that this fire fighting robot can save lots of human and animal lives extinguish florestal
    fires and big fires in populated areas, once it can go where human firefighter cant go. I think that
    all of the fire brigades in the world will need to have one of this, this way we wont loose more
    human lives as happen presently.

  11. multiple rv wireless cameras Says:

    […] 25 liters capacity each and has a lighting system. It can also use infrared or commum v???deo cahttp://hackedgadgets.com/2006/08/10/fire-fighting-robot/Camera Internet Wireless Internet Surveillance CamerasHOTELS RESTAURANTS MARINAS BED & […]

  12. mona Says:

    hello.thanks for ur good robot
    i want some data for building fire man plz send me some.thank alot

  13. suzie Says:

    i think this is a great robot and stuff but what about firemen he is replacing?
    what happens to their job if they keep making more that all those firemen would me laid off and without a job.

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