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August 10, 2006

Fire Fighting Robot

at 6:10 am. Filed under Insane Equipment

I can see these fire fighting robots being positioned on street corners ready to spring into action when needed.

“This firefighting robot presented in July 2006 has many advantages among others, as:
-It is four times more powerful in its traction system;
-It has Fault Tolerant Architecture with redundancy in its moving system;
-It has lighting system;
-It was constructed completely modular;
-It has at least 100 % more autonomy, with a full load capacity up to a minimum of six hours;
-It has its charging system mounted in its transport car;
-It has a trapezoidal design track capable to cross obstacles;
-It can have water cannons capable to have a water flow up to 7,600 liters per min.;
-It has internally, two Foam Generator Liquid reservoirs with 25 liters capacity each;
Besides that it can have infrared or commum vídeo câmeras and be controlled by wireless remote control.”

Via: TeamDroid