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August 1, 2006

Hacking the Atari Flashback 2

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I remember spending many countless hours playing games on the Atari 2600. You can still find some of the original consoles on Ebay or in garage sales. But if you want to hack the new Atari Flashback 2 console to play your vintage cartridges you are in luck, this article will give you the necessary information to get the job done.

“So, you’ve decided to take your Atari Flashback 2 console to the next level? Well then, here are the basic details to help assist you in hacking/modding your console into a full fledged Atari 2600 system that can use your original cartridges.

I’ve only done the electronics side, I haven’t had time to do the cosmetic version yet. Basically you’ll need to make an opening with a dremel or other hobbyist cutting tool on the top center of the console and slide the Cartridge Guide plastic into place, it has a lip around it so its sit flush, apply some plastic bonding glue to permanently attach it. Now put the cartridge PC board into place under it, screw in the two retaining screws to secure the cartridge board to the plastic guide, and carefully reassemble your Flashback 2 console.”

Thanks David M.


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5 Responses to “Hacking the Atari Flashback 2”

  1. Sean Burns Says:

    Your a nerd.
    And thats not how its done you dumb ass cracker.

  2. jack Says:

    Nice site actually. Gone to my favourites. Thanks for creation.

  3. GamersInstinct Says:

    Look at that tech. So simple, yet consumed so many hours of some many people.

  4. Washington State DUI Says:

    I knew saving my old game systems would come in handy some day. I am going to break out my old Ataris and start cracking.

  5. Silo Says:

    Pretty neat little article you got going on here.

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