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July 30, 2006

Digital Compass

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Mac Cody has been playing with digital compass electronics, read about his new project.

“I wanted to optimize the use of four data bits of an I/O port. That implied that I wanted to have sixteen points of precision on my digital compass. If I wanted to read in the data serially, even higher precision could potentially be obtained. I toyed with one digital compass design that uses a PIC processor, two of LED-optotransistors pairs placed in quadrature, and a compass with an encoder disk with varied tone shading to represent orientation. The PIC processor would implement two successive approximation analog-to-digital converters to measure the position of the encoder disk. I decided that this was far too much work to get only sixteen unique compass positions.”


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One Response to “Digital Compass”

  1. Ameet Sharrma Says:

    Dear Alan,
    I shall appreciate if you could guide me if a sensitive decimal (fractional) digital compass that shows change in coordinates of even one feet or less of movement in a fast moving vehicle (repeated and return coordinates accuracy to with in one feet) could be possible.

    Ameet Sharrma

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