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July 29, 2006

Coin Ring

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If you have a bit of time and some change in your pocket why not make a cool ring for yourself. I always thought it was illegal to do this type of thing, but it seems that if you don’t intend to use the coin as currency every again it is not illegal.

“First you need a piece of steel to use as a base for the coin to set on. Take the coin and stand it on edge. Tap the reeded edge with a spoon or a small machinist hammer while continually rotating the coin, I would recommend using the spoon first until you get the hang of how the silver feels when it folds. Be patient and don’t rush it, it takes a while. ”


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174 Responses to “Coin Ring”

  1. Don Says:


  2. Dale Frank Says:

    Check this out to get an idea how to make this kind of ring.YouTube Tutorial: Turn a Quarter Into a Ring!

  3. wayne Says:

    how about the coin ring man? is he a crook too?

  4. streetmedic Says:

    Mr.coinring ill take an educated guess. I think you place a hole in the center of the coin and then use an arbor press to push successively larger steel spheres through the hole in the coin untill you have achieved the ring size you wish. Not that you would admit if I was correct 😉 sorry about the spelling guys.

  5. wayne Says:

    I think that “streetmedic” has it right! That is the way i do my rings and it works just fine. You have to use heat though, cause some of the coins will split or tear while being enlarged.

  6. streetmedic Says:

    Wayne, I’m assuming you use an arbor press but what kind of die do you use to press the ball bearing through? Some sort of ring shrinker I’m guessing?

  7. wayne Says:

    Streetmedic, You got it! Use a compression die, the bottom part of a ring stretcher. Some of these can be found on ebay…look for used ones, they’re cheaper.

  8. wayne Says:

    What happened to Mr. Coin Ring? Did he retire?

  9. richardsan Says:

    i think there would be too much stretching if successively larger metal spheres were used. that would also distort any of the imagery on the coin ring.
    maybe mr. coinring succumbed to the attacks by the dead relatives he feared..;)

  10. sheryl Says:

    I just read all of the posts. Very lively and helpful information. I am a somewhat jeweler and have lots of equipment. I have tried many techniques for making the coin rings. I bought a ring press and have just tried the ball bearing method of stretching the hole. I annealed the coins before stretching them but i still have split a few. I wanted to not pound them on the mandrel because it is hard on my wrist. I finally got one to turn out pretty good and i also tumble them with steel shot. I still think there might be a trick that i dont know about. I do use a tap and die to cut the hole in the coin. I like that best so as not to breathe too much coin dust. We should all try to do things that wont damage our health while making jewelry. I anneal the coins and they are still splitting some. I also use the ring stretcher on the press to try to shape the coin. I cant imagine how to make these rings without annealing them. I want the design on the inside and outside. I am hoping to make them to sell in my shop. I thought I could make them with a coin from the client. I cant spend hours tapping them out. I think I just need to anneal them more often and stretch very slowly. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I continue to try to research info on the net. I will tell you if I find any interesting info.

  11. bystander Says:

    geez you guys have been arguing for like 2 years…

  12. sheryl Says:

    I have been making the rings for a few months now. We tried the ball bearing technique and we split too many coins. We have gone back to just pounding them on the ring mandrel and found it just takes practice to know how much pounding and we also use the ring stretcher. Our rings are turning out very well. We make quarter rings but I like our Dime-on rings a lot. Penny rings are fun also. We sell the penny rings for $5 in our shop. So we can turn a penny into a $5 bill, pretty good in these hard times. Haven’t really sold very many yet but we get real excited with each sale and start making more. You can see them on our face book page for Troutdale Tattoo. I love reading this forum and hope everyone else can make some to sell or just for presents. I made some for my parents 60th wedding anniversary with 1951 quarters. I got some cheap rubber mallets at harbor freight and the die cutter to cut the coin. They have a cheap one with acrylic top so you can center the coin. People ask how we make the rings and i say we just beat them with a hammer until they agree to be a ring Ha Ha.

  13. wayne Says:

    Sheryl, really nice rings on your facebook page. When are you going to post your penny rings? Congrats on your success!!

  14. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Wayne and Sheryl,

    What is the address of your pictures on Facebook, I would love to check them out. The penny ring sounds great also.

  15. Alan Parekh Says:

    LOL bystander,

    More like 5 and a half years. 🙂

  16. sheryl Says:

    Alan, Our facebook page is Troutdaletattoo. We make these rings to sell in our shop. We do have pictures of our penny ring but I used a penny that was not solid copper. I have been wearing one to see how they wear and it seems alright. I think we need to file our cut edges of the coins more so they donts have jagged edges or put them into the tumbler for a day. I thought the tumbler might destroy the print too much though. We like to use the state quarters for rings. I have told people to bring in their own coins for a ring. We made a ring with a silver dollar and it became a size 15 ring for a large man.

  17. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi sheryl,

    Great looking rings!

  18. wayne Says:

    Has anyone had success in making a silver dollar coin ring? I’ve seen a few on the internet and was wondering if anyone here might have done one? They are very large, like size 16 through 20

  19. adcb Says:

    What kind of hammer do you use when trying to make a quarter?Also can you still get a thick man sized ring using a quarter?

  20. adcb Says:

    Also which side of the spoon do you use to hit the quarter with?

  21. Morten Says:

    Greetings everyone
    The formula used for creating coinrings has been a well guarded secret ever since the first samples were produced many years ago. The process however is really quite straight forward but takes time, patience and a lot of craftmanship which really is the essence and the key I want to point out in the documentation i will share with you on following link adress:

    Regards Morten

  22. wayne Says:

    Now that we know the secret we can make millions of these rings and flood the market!!! Kinda like someone said once before…I wanna spread the wealth…yeah baby!!!!!

  23. Morten Says:

    am guessing the last post are a comment to the walkthrough on coinrings.dk … i can assure you that it takes so mutch more than just a guide and the right tools to perfect a coinring. this also explaines why the guide is there in the first place, it is merely there to share understanding and let you appreciate the craftmanship that goes into each unique and custom made silver coinring.

  24. wayne Says:

    Who are the leading coin ring makers now?

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