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July 25, 2006

4 Blade Micro Helicopter

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This RC Helicopter is so smooth, the design is also quite unique.

“The Proxflyer Mosquito Twin-tail has 4 ch. control and is operated just as a normal
helicopter, yaw, pitch and roll and it can fly sideways due to the two tail propellers.
It is still absolutely stable and easy to fly. The Proxflyer Mosquito Twin-tail is a
prototype and it is not for sale.”


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11 Responses to “4 Blade Micro Helicopter”

  1. Ian Clarke Says:

    That isn’t so different from one of those “BladeRunner” RC helicopters that you can find for around $60 at almost any toy store.

  2. Socks Manly Says:

    I dunno I’d like to find one of those under my christmas tree this year.. Can we still say christmas?

  3. Chris Says:

    It looks like a blade runner because that is the designer of the blade runner flying his latest design.

  4. nomel Says:

    hehe…just me or is that a ccd camera I see attached to the nose, visible when he grabs it out of the air?

  5. Roomba Says:

    that is the coolest thing since sliced brad, Can it slice bread too, I want one

  6. Sebastian Says:

    It resembles the Blade Runner alot, since Bladerunner bought the license from Proxflyer to build it like that. Proxflyer has been around for years.

  7. Ivan Minic Says:

    Cool 🙂

  8. a norwegian guy Says:

    btw…this shoot takes place in norway.

  9. ghost_Y Says:

    nice this is real cool lol

  10. Bennettn Dy Says:

    6/19/07 Tuesday 10:17 AM US Central Time

    Dear Sir:
    I would be a customer if you make the Proxflyer Mosquito Twin-tail available commercially. Keep up the good design!
    Best regards,
    Bennett Dy
    (Email: bdy@ieee.org)

  11. Simon Jardine Says:

    I Have made 100 of these to sell.

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