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July 24, 2006

Human Hamseter Wheel

at 8:03 am. Filed under Funny Hacks, Insane Equipment


After you have made the Make Magazine version of the Hamster-Powered Generator you can scale things up a bit and power some larger items. This would be a great prank for Candid Camera, have an apartment set up with this wheel and have temps come in to power the apartment with it. I could just imagine the apartment owner sitting on the couch watching TV with the wheel spinning in the background. When the apartment owner wants to cook a meal the temp would have to run faster… ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out more pictures of this crazy contraption here.


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9 Responses to “Human Hamseter Wheel”

  1. cirrostratus Says:

    Any idea when the “cubicle” model will start showing up in the workplace?

  2. Gadget Freak Says:

    Fancy a human hamster wheel?

    A complete waste of time from a guy showing heโ€™s got way too much spare time on his hands or a potential so-cutting-edge-it-hurts art installation? You decide….

  3. Helena Sykes Says:

    Please can you help me, I work for Mecca Bingo and we are raising money for a charity called Whizz-Kidz. We would like to do a human hampsterthon, I am trying to find someone who will let us borrow a human hampster wheel, I have telephoned all the props departments whose telephone number I could get hold of, but unfortunately no one has been able to help, I then found your web site. We would like to get our customers to sponsor us to keep the the wheel turning for twelve hours none stop, please can you help us by lending us your human hampster wheel we would be most grateful. If you could contact me on 0113 2328950 to let me know if you can help me, or if you know someone who can. Many thanks Helena

  4. Dan G Says:

    Hello, I’m also very keen to find out about hiring the human hamster wheel. Are there any contact details available for me to give you a call or can you get in touch with me.


  5. swh Says:

    shouldn’t it be called “humster”?

  6. Carlos Says:

    Where can I get 2?

  7. Snuggles, a Modular Hotel Inspired by Hamster Tunnels Says:

    […] now there are human hamster balls, hamster wheels and hamster tunnels. To complete the experience, we just need some clumsy giants to pick us up and […]

  8. phil Says:

    i need a human hamster wheel- great exercise and fun=- i would probably invest in the company or sell them myself.

  9. Dave Says:

    Hook that up to a DC Motor / Generator when used in reversed to generate electricity. Have squirrels running around outside run on the wheel to generate electricity when the wind isn’t blowing. Or like the Price is Right wheel, you push the wheel to generate or pedal via bike generator. Think flywheel, bigger with more magnets passing by a lot of copper wiring and a lot of energy out or produced after initial investment

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