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July 23, 2006

Hand Drawn Arc

at 7:01 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks


The first video shows a hand drawn electrical arc. The second shows the final project in operation.


“Picture tubes in televisions and monitors need tensions of several thousand V for the acceleration of the electrons. For the production of this high voltage the Zeilentrafo is responsible. The Zeilentrafo mostly is on the motherboard. CAUTION! The picture tube contains a high vacuum and can with wrong treatment implode! The fragments meet in the center and fly across the area!

In addition one winds a wire with approx. 1mm diameter eight to ten times around the ferrite core
and isolates the ends off. To this wire one attaches the circuit.

Now only turn on and with the pins on the lower surface of the Trafos the high voltage connection “through-beep”. If there an unloading is the circuit on higher achievement adjusts. The arc can be pulled apart in such a way on approx. 2-3cm.”