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July 20, 2006

Build a Solar Generator

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Looks like a big undertaking as a project, but the solar generator sounds like a great way to produce power.

“During a stint in the Peace Corps in Lesotho in southern Africa, Matthew Orosz, an MIT graduate student advised by Harold Hemond, professor of civil and environmental engineering, learned that reflective parabolic troughs can bake bread. Now he plans to use these same contraptions to bring power to parts of Africa baked in sun but starved for electricity. His solar generators, cobbled together from auto parts and plumbing supplies, can easily be built in a backyard.

The basic design of Orosz’s solar generator system is simple: a parabolic trough (taking up 15 square meters in this case) focuses light on a pipe containing motor oil. The oil circulates through a heat exchanger, turning a refrigerant into steam, which drives a turbine that, in turn, drives a generator.

As a result, the complete system for generating one kilowatt of electricity and 10 kilowatts of heat, including a battery for storing the power generated, can be built for a couple thousand dollars, Orosz says, which is less than half the cost of one kilowatt of photovoltaic panels.”

Thanks Jennifer.


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4 Responses to “Build a Solar Generator”

  1. kakarot Says:

    Please check the israel solar program. They do the same stuff. They already build(ing) 4 plants.
    2 of them operatonal 1 near compeate and 1 as a new one.

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  3. ERIC MORE Says:

    Am am man with burning interest in producing things for the people and Africa as a whole are in need of this technical know -how

  4. نبض الخفوق Says:

    does anyone know of a good website that explains in detail how to create an LED matrix array consisting of 40-50 matrix’s, that interface with a computer to display the given information

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