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July 18, 2006

Battery Brain

at 7:20 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets

You would think that car manufactures would install these in the factory. The Battery Brain is a simple but good idea.


Battery Brain prevents a dead battery by using patented technology to continually monitor a battery’s charge strength and isolate it from any possible energy drainage, ensuring enough charge is preserved to start the engine.

The Battery Brain unit can be mounted in various configurations on the positive terminal of the vehicle battery. It monitors the voltage in the battery and if this drops below the prescribed level needed to start the vehicle (e.g. 12.1V), a brief timed sequence measures whether this is a temporary drop that recovers quickly.

If not, Battery Brain disconnects the battery from the vehicle’s electrical system to preserve the charge. The battery will then typically recover (e.g. to around 12.6V) but it will at very least retain enough charge to start the engine.”

Via: OhGizmo