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July 16, 2006

Home Made Rocket Launcher

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If you have some of the holiday fireworks left over I can’t think of a better way to get rid of them that build a Home Made Rocket Launcher. More pictures can be found here.

“Building the first stage rocket launcher was incredibly simple
1) 2″ pipe over 5′ in length to avoid getting blowback in you face
2) Rocket engines, ignitors, lauch controller or any device that puts out about 6v
3) Balsa wood and superglue

Cut balsa wood to a fin-like shape, glue onto rocket motor, put in ignitor, profit. This may sound oversimplified but it really isn’t, we were able to achieve a flight of over 2 city blocks with the launcher horizontal with this exact setup. The deviation on the horizontal axis for this flight was about 3′. The engines are about $3 a piece and each rocket ends up costing us about $4 a piece, so you don’t want to throw them away, but it isnt outrageous. You can of course, use a standard model rocket, however don’t be prepared to get it back in any usable condition, and be sure to take out the parachute.

We are currently trying out new varieties of fins and motor configuration to achieve a steady flight path with regularity, it may take us awhile to get it right, but i assure you, stable flight or not, it’s damn fun. If you have any suggestions as per the launcher or rocket construction, post and i will most likely try it and give you a field report.”