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July 16, 2006

Home Made Rocket Launcher

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If you have some of the holiday fireworks left over I can’t think of a better way to get rid of them that build a Home Made Rocket Launcher. More pictures can be found here.

“Building the first stage rocket launcher was incredibly simple
1) 2″ pipe over 5′ in length to avoid getting blowback in you face
2) Rocket engines, ignitors, lauch controller or any device that puts out about 6v
3) Balsa wood and superglue

Cut balsa wood to a fin-like shape, glue onto rocket motor, put in ignitor, profit. This may sound oversimplified but it really isn’t, we were able to achieve a flight of over 2 city blocks with the launcher horizontal with this exact setup. The deviation on the horizontal axis for this flight was about 3′. The engines are about $3 a piece and each rocket ends up costing us about $4 a piece, so you don’t want to throw them away, but it isnt outrageous. You can of course, use a standard model rocket, however don’t be prepared to get it back in any usable condition, and be sure to take out the parachute.

We are currently trying out new varieties of fins and motor configuration to achieve a steady flight path with regularity, it may take us awhile to get it right, but i assure you, stable flight or not, it’s damn fun. If you have any suggestions as per the launcher or rocket construction, post and i will most likely try it and give you a field report.”


Below reviews, comments by and a total www.midwestbuddhisttemple.org/products/retin_a_generic.html . Can dilation I that contrary is to but...

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146 Responses to “Home Made Rocket Launcher”

  1. bbsdiur Says:

    Why not embed an engine in a 1 Liter sodabottle

  2. spencer Says:

    I’m glad he’s on our side…

  3. Aaron Says:

    Will it explode on contact, or just hit it really hard?

  4. Aaron Says:

    And do you insert the racket in the back, or in the front?

  5. antheny Says:

    so unguided, flaming rockets in a residential neiborhood is now a good idea? I like the design and all, but how about finding a nice lake or quarry to go shoot this stuff at?

  6. Jvck Says:

    i love the choice of music, so eerie to hear the music from elephant(movie about school shootings) behind a movie about a guy shooting a self made rocket launcher, oh the irony!

  7. Ed T. Says:

    Cool project! Of course you’d want to team up with the flamethrower guy to guard the perimeter… :-)

    Cue visit from homeland security in 3, 2, 1….

  8. Brian Says:

    That’s what Hezbollah was using before the Iranians helped them.

  9. wizardPC Says:

    About that visit from homeland security…

  10. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Ed (7), That Flamethrower looks a bit scary (for the operator I mean).

  11. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey wizardPC (9),

    Thanks for the video link. That is too funny, I would have loved to see the look on the agents faces when they see the PVC and popsicle stick creation…

  12. Brian Says:

    Sticks and stones will break your bones but his homemade grenade launcher will never hurt you.

  13. Brian Says:

    Flamethrower Guy is an idiot, real flame throwers have much greater range and use jellied fuel so when it is used, the flaming jellied fuel sticks to the target.

  14. Mr. Chris Says:

    I made one of these back in the late 80’s. Except I used heavy cardboard tubing as the barrel for the all-important smoking-gun effect. Also, I used a battery powered trigger device duct taped to the handle to power the electric ignitor. I think it was part of a spy movie I helped a friend make, and possibly a canoe war — good times.

  15. Brian Says:

    I love the smell of burning flesh in the morning. HooHa!

  16. Indigno Says:

    Instead of making the fins straight, make them so that they spin the rocket to stabilize it and help it go straight. The same way that you put a spin on a football to make it go straight.

  17. lil' rocket Says:

    Instead of making rockets you should make a giant paintball and lanch that out of the MK-11

  18. doug pocius Says:

    Heck, back in the ’60s, we used 3′ sections of 1/2′ thinwall conduit and lots of bottle rockets. Started out firing from the ground like mortars, but soon degenerated to shooting at each other like rifles. Like mini-RPGs, in today’s frame of reference.

  19. sean Says:

    hey I just created my own rocket launcher out of a pvc pipe a battery and a lot of wires and a ton of gaffe tape I wont to congratulate all of you out there who have done this before me, I’m using D class hobby rocket engines (only legal thing I can get in australia) I have fired off maybe 5 rockets made out of toilet rolls but they arnt going far I need ideas??? ps Flamethrower Guy you are a idiot.

  20. The Joshua Tree Says:

    Gluing fins to a motor fails. Always. Any kid who’s gone through their rocketry blowing shit up phase knows this, you need length. Using cardboard tube of a thin grade functions, glue plastic fins in place and use an aerodynamic cone. Just buy a cheap model rocket kit and copy that method. Although I’d say your device is highly illegal in almost every country, unfortunately. My first horizontal launcher was a thick cardboard roll tube with the 6v launch system duct taped in place, wire wrapped around to the rear and I used a metal mesh plate at the rear end so it made contact with the two prongs from the launching clip. That way you could drop the next round down the tube, aim and fire, immediately. Good luck, enjoy the blowing-shit-up-phase. Don’t get caught though, cops don’t remember the fun of being stupid, young and wanting shit to go bang.

  21. The Joshua Tree Says:

    Oh, one last aside; I recommend tapering the plastic fins so they’re vortical, creating a spin on the rocket means a much straighter fligth path.

  22. Karl Says:

    I’d like a more detailed description of the construction of the actual bazooka (not the wiring)

    Thanks heaps

  23. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Karl,

    Have a look here:

  24. mike Says:

    that is an asome gun let me have it

  25. mark Says:

    what do use for the ignition?


    this website i think is a really good it has good deatial but you need to put more gagetts on here

  27. robert hughes my # 524-6904 Says:

    oh yeah calll that number yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

  28. Brian Says:

    Join Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, etc., they’ll teach you how to make working home made rocket launchers and rockets.

  29. Grad Picinich Says:

    Maybe make the fins in a swastika design, to achieve stability

  30. atomuru Says:

    well its nice me and one of my freands made one out of pbc pipe dint look as good but i meen there still fun to do nice work

  31. bob Says:

    u guys r really stupid…

  32. JB Says:

    Piss poor design

    I did better when I was 12,
    try a wind tunnel first,
    built one when I was 12,
    understand center of gracvity vs center of pressure, obviously not…….
    I could hit stuff, you can’t

  33. JB Says:

    Piss poor design

    I did better when I was 12,
    try a wind tunnel first,
    built one when I was 12,
    understand center of gracvity vs center of pressure, you obviously do not…….
    I could hit stuff, you can’t

  34. Kevin David Says:

    This is really good for people who want to make these sorta things but one question. What kind of engine did you use?

  35. john Says:

    thats really cool and if u get the modle rokets u could make them exsplode by filling the nose cone full of gun powder and then cut off the very tip untill u can see though and put a primer from a bullit or shotgun shell on that opening and when the nose cone hits somthing hard it will exsplod PS after u put in the gun powder seal it off o ya do it some where where cops cant find u. ha fun dont blow off ur hand

  36. john Says:

    tell me if u got it to work

  37. Bruce Banner Says:

    Hey, this ain’t rocket science…trust especially me…wait a minute maybe it is…..hey *&%*$*#!!! Use a paper towel tube with flights mounted with a glue gun and make a nose cone out of balsa with a lead weight embedded in the center point for stability. Use a lower power rocket engine and back stuff the tube with a damp towel and you will get an amazing thrust.Just don’t aim the damn thing at anyone. You’re trying for an enclosed missle effect and it’s harder than an open rocket launch. The rocket launcher looks kinda cool….it would scare the shit out of any law enforcement types who saw it from a distance. Have fun!!

  38. josh jones Says:

    Looks like they got the idea from the book the poor man’s james bond

  39. Pyro7 Says:

    this is what i do when launching, put in a smaller metal pipe that only the engin fits into. Dont use fins, with this set up you will get much more range(and also prabably more accurate cuz ur fins kinda suck and may be messing the flight path.)the metal pipe will build more pressure and cause much greater speed and accuracy. alo i didnt c the cone u used but the best way to build i have found is this:
    1 get an A-C model rocket engine.
    2 Find a cone that will line up with the engin(the back plug will go into the gap at the fron of the engin and the sides will be smooth.
    3 put the cone in and grab some electrical tape and wrap it around the cone and engine all the way to about the end opposite the cone.
    4 prime, insert into pipe, launch.

  40. Pyro7 Says:

    some extra comments
    1 make shure the pipe that u put into the launcher for the engin is only slightly larger than the engin it self(if ur sneaky make a rocket and take it to the store and test fit)
    2 make shure after u fit the smaller METAL pipe into the larger orrigonal frame that u make shure u fill the spaces somehow so it dosent move when fireing( I suggest u cut 2 wooden rings for the ends with a circle opening in the center for the metal pipe and fill the inside with annything from dirt …eh kinda heavy, to insulation… good but expensive depending on where u buy. really just plug up the inside b4 putting on both ring end caps.
    3 the rings r kinda hard to make and if u dont got the time/tools to make then i suggest this:
    1buy a shitload of dowl roads, u can put in the metal pipe and keep jaming them in till it dont move. If u dont like this than u can use cardboard CAUTION CARDBOARD=FLAMMABLE(coat it with a small patch or insulator stapled to it.

  41. Pyro7 Says:

    O and yes 1 further comment over time i have also found this to work quite well but is much harder to make:
    1 same size engins A – D
    2 get a larger cone that dosent go smooth but sticks out a bit (will explain)
    3 get a lightweight cylinder(cheep plastic tube works but not as good as very very thin alumanim
    4 u make it fit smooth with engin and cone(make shure u upp pipe size will be a bit larger)
    5 u either heavy duity glue or weld due to materil to the tube (that will fit t cone/engin later)
    some fins that do not make it unsmooth, yes internal fins can make spin and more stable flight.
    When done it should look like an O with some fins on the inside of it.
    6 the internal fins (depending on how skilled u are) will give it the needed spin needed while still fiting in the metal pipe which greatly increases speed/distance

    the pipe speed/distance works this way:
    1 when a rocket is launched in the open or a larger pipe the blast goes down and out.(regular thrust)
    2 when u put it into a tigher pipe (very lillte extra room but some about what a panny looks like if u look at its edge) the pressure is forced down and only down this makes the pressure build much greater. the resutling pressure fires the rocket with much more force and speed.

    watch out the first time u launch on scale test with bottle rockets in a small pipe they went 3 to 4 times further than normal

    Good luck with these new ideas plz post weather they helped/worked.

  42. Pyro7 Says:

    PvC/metal(pvc is cheeper but may egnite) on off water valve also gives it more speed and range to use this mode simply glue/screw in/sodder on the valve.
    next u drop the rocket in from the front and prime while its in the tube.
    close the tube as much as u can(all the way if u dont got an electrik lighter that u need room for the wires)

    I have found that this gives enourmis range and speed and advise that when using this u use extream caution (showed my freind how to build one, he shot it at a 45 degree angle and hit an aparment complex about 2000-3000Ft away with a C model rocket and the police where everywhere)
    where we lucky they didnt find the rocket that mista bounced off the building.

  43. Pyro7 Says:

    =P just thought id show u something else me and my friends have made b4 thats fun but = very very VERY dangerous cuz well…. just watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nMTBe8z8YE

  44. Village Idiot Says:

    Until we are invaded and need to start our own insurgency, why not paint your launchers/flamethrowers/etc. neon pink, like mine are? Something so cute couldn’t be dangerous (unless you press the little button).

  45. dan Says:

    it needs to go more strate

  46. cody Says:

    i need more instructions on how to build the rocket

  47. Hexypoo Says:

    This kinda reminds me of when I was a kid building model rockets. This would sure have made it a little more interesting.

  48. lol Says:

    I think this and a flamethrower photos that i’ve seen are manipulated

  49. axisofevil (USA) Says:

    neeeat thanks but need metal launching pipe dont ya hmmm

  50. stephen Says:

    man is that for sale if call 9911503

  51. clayton Says:

    hey…why not try using no nose cone cuz if u dont get the nose on PERFECTLY straight..it WILL veer off course. and also try
    using smaller tail fins and try to get them on the motor STRAIGHT. try all this and take a video of it and post it on hacked
    gagdets. ty

  52. mbkatyusha Says:

    Hey, I just stumbled across your launcher, and I’ve two recommendations.

    First, I notice your fins are kinda wonky. Even the most basic understanding of aerodynamics has got to suggest that you get those even. I’d recommend making a form to hold the fins in place while your glue sets. I’ve never built such a thing, but if you were to take a tube slightly larger than the diameter of your engine, and cut 4 notches into it at equal distances, it would hold your fins in the proper place, and that should help your stability.

    The second thing probably isn’t going to help this particular design much due to the length of the fins being almost as great as the body itself. Actually, for some reason I can’t recall, I don’t think you should have fins with that much surface considering the size of the body, and the speed you’re going (can anyone confirm or correct?) Anyway, in something longer, and tube-fired, I would recommend using a sabot that can discard itself. Some sort of split O-ring that will make the rocket “fill” the tube would keep the rocket on a more stable trajectory and should fall off when it exits the tube.

    Sorry for the rambling. Hope some of it’s useful!

  53. david Says:

    plz give me detailed instructions n a list of every thing i need! cn u email me them ty

  54. Alan Parekh Says:

    The last image should give you a good idea of how to build it. If you need more details contact the creator of the unit. A link to his site is in the article.

  55. kolt Says:

    Kay this stuff is awesome. Can anyone tell me where to get an actuall engine or at least how to make one if you can. I donno much about rockets right now but I wanna learn. Also what can you use for an ignighter? If anyone can help me that would be awesome and I live in the boonies so it would not be a waste of time. You look like you stole that from the army man that’s killer peace.

  56. Dean Cannon Says:

    yes i am iraqian..lol… not realy

  57. Vlad Says:

    If you made something similar to an actual model rocket, like by rolling a paper tube with glue, and added a set of fins on the top and the bottom, you could really get better distances, and maybe actually be able to hit something. Right now, it’s not really controllable.

  58. Haseeb A Says:

    we dont get rocket engines here and i am too poor to buy them online.. can someone tell me of an easy way to make em at home (i can get salt petre or potaasium nitrate) or a good website that does?

  59. young von braun Says:

    if you take a paper tube cut it into a square so it still has the curve in it. use thin cyanoacrylic glue cover the cut paper tube with the glue. let dry. attach base with cloth and a spring. that way when the projectile pops out the fins do to. smaller barrel more acurate more punch.

  60. ryan Says:

    if i had one my neighbor hood look like it was from doom.

  61. ryan Says:

    von braun is right itd be cooler and better if the fins pooped out when it leaves the launcher, oh and by the way he sould make a fire bomb rocket you konw it goes a ways then explodes in a busrts of flame, like it could have a small liquid bomb in the tip (like lighter fluid) and when it lights a smaal cord in the spine gets lit and depending on how long you want will burn towards(and evetually into)the liquid part causing the tip which should be wood on the outside to explode and turn into deadly flaming shrapnel.

  62. ryan Says:

    von braun is right it would be cooler and better if the fins popped out when it leaves the launcher, oh and by the way he sould make a fire bomb rocket you knon it goes a ways then explodes in a bursts of flame, like it could have a small liquid bomb in the tip (like lighter fluid) and when it lights a small cord in the spine gets lit and depending on how long you want will burn towards(and evetually into)the liquid part causing the tip which should be wood on the outside to explode and turn into deadly flaming shrapnel.

    how nice right?

    great for parties….

    and the nieghbors stupid taco bell dog that won’t shut up

  63. ryan Says:

    sorry, second version i revised like it says popped instead of pooped….

  64. yuvaraj Says:

    i would like to prepare homemade rocket launcher so i need step by step process of rocket launche jfjfj
    r so u can u give a format and procedure.if u want i will pay something

  65. commander Says:

    Cool guys but you can put poppers ( the stupid things you throw on the ground) on the end of it to get the same effect [fill the cone on the end full o those things and popperz explode on impact] cheap and effective!

  66. commander Says:

    I got an idea that could make the rocket launcher w/ a trigger.
    take two wires, a switch from radio shack, and a fuse
    1: wire the fuse of the engine to a switch
    2: wire the battery to the switch

    now the wires will heat up at the flip of the switch and set off the fuse safely.
    put the switch in the handle so you don’t have to take it off your shoulder

  67. traktaine Says:

    Man this thing is awesome. I’m only thirteen and I have had some of the best times of my life in this blowing crap up phase. I started with my friends shooting plain engines out of pvc pipe and then we added cases made out of beware of dog sing. now I have a large pvc ground launcher that I spay painted camo and put the decimater on it. My latest project though is a motorized launcher that can swivel and raze and lower the barrel to different angles. I also want to attach velchro onto the arm and onto the different barrels so I can change for the size of the projectile. I’ll send a picture of it in once its done

  68. frysztak Says:

    very nice i made one and i sorta blew up a car… it was sweet

  69. pyrodanger666 Says:

    check this rocket launcher / spudzooka out. it can fire rockets or if your bored, you can blast potatoes. http://youtube.com/watch?v=77s0DVysSMc
    tell me what you think. its 6 feet long

  70. spencer brown Says:

    where can i buy one of these? or, do u have to make one by urself?
    last time i tried using something like this, i owe my life to the rag i had wrapped around it. so, culd u sell these on ebay, or something?

  71. pyrodanger666 Says:

    I built it myself. I could sell you one for around 100 bucks. I also can sell you spud cannons which are really fun to use for around 50 bucks. comment back

  72. lucasbossan Says:

    dude i realy liked ur rockete but i dont have money to buy an engien can you try to
    explain to me how you can make your own thank you!!!! and good job!!!!

    my e-mail lucasbossan@hotmail.com if anyone wants to explain to me please do so!!!

  73. Alan Parekh Says:

    Not sure if I would recommend making your own rocket motors…

  74. pyrodanger666 Says:

    This rocket launcher was modeled after yours with slight modifications. Its 6 feet long and extremly fun to shoot. we built full size rockets and used E engines ( $8 each). The last one was so heavy though and it spun out in the ground and exploded…. CHECK IT OUT THOUGH!


  75. Kyle Says:

    That’s just incredible!

  76. Andres Says:

    yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhh!!!!! i want one of this!!!!

  77. LL Says:


  78. Anonimus Says:

    oooooooooooooo o o oooooo
    o o o
    o o o o
    o oooooo o oooooo
    o o o o o
    o o o o ooooo IS ILEGAL AND I WILL REPORT YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  79. Yeowi Will Desire (Heartless Four Leader) Says:

    *chuckles* I can’t wait to get my hands on this. My army will be pleased, and my arsenal shall grow!

    Prepare for the end…

  80. pyrodanger666 Says:

    hey guys.

    I have a new screenname on youtube its pyromachine. I have cleared up my rocket launcher a little more… you can watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBJZU44VSGg and tell me what you think. ALSO>> do any of you want directions on how to build a rocket launcher like this or want to know how to build the rocket or anything please let me know. Watch my vids on oyutube and leave good comments that would be great..

  81. shaneqwa Says:


    p.s. nice shirt

  82. joe mamma Says:


  83. *******************************8 Says:


  84. bob Says:

    joebob johson loves rocket launchers! hahaha

  85. modder Says:

    je moeder is een hoer

  86. dildo Says:

    bunch of nut bags……

  87. ArsGeek » Blog Archive » 10 ways for a geek to survive and thrive this holiday season Says:

    […] only looking for run of the mill toys? Add some adventure and excitement to their lives by building them a rocket launcher! Imagine their faces as they open this […]

  88. billy Says:

    OMG thats soooo tight dude!!!!!!!!where can i get one!?!?!?!?!?!?! ur soooo lucky. im so jealous man. fun fun dude

  89. Man Hugger Says:

    dud mail me one right now

    grang haven MI 49417

  90. chris Says:

    ahhhh….. the right to bear arms embraced. angle the fins to make it spin. and pack the engine with flash / gun/ blackpowder (don’t mix) for a report instead of secondary charge $h*7. don’t get caught!

  91. bob Says:

    i wish i thought of that

  92. brendan Says:

    try making the rocket balanced. build it so that if you place you finger in the middle of the body, the rocket will balance. this should give you a much more predicatable flight path.

  93. ali Says:

    i want a rocket

  94. jake b Says:

    dude im only 13 and my rocket launcher would kick your Rocket Launchers ass email me at sjberendzen@aol.com and Ill show u some pics for fin put a circle around them and turn virticle

  95. Spuddin Says:

    i likey! maybe my next project, great job…

  96. callum foley Says:

    hi i think its really good that roket-launcher id love a go with one

  97. Alex Says:

    Ok, I’m 15, when I was 14 I made something better than that, now it was ugly as hell, I used parts from a desk, trophys, packaging tape, wiring, a 9 volt,and a computer power button.
    I threw it away though,
    I don’t know if the picture will show.
    If not use this link. http://i25.tinypic.com/kd22l5.jpg

  98. Spuddin Says:

    yep the pic showed up and looks really cool, when the rocket exits do u catch any sparks?

  99. loobert Says:

    i think your rocket launcher sucks eggs your a dork

  100. spuddin Says:

    your rocket launch desine is so bad you should be asamed of your self go get a life loser loser

  101. pooly Says:

    dude i can make a sub morfcompactko39embarisor with home made supplies email me a jimmy nuetron.org loooo

  102. D Says:

    I think you should close toilet flang end of the lauch tube so the rocket’s thrust pushes off something to push it forward instead of shooting out the back. you’ll have to come up with a new way to insert the eletrical launch wires though. Also try a fin configuration like the nurf vortx football’s. I haven’t tested this yet, but those nerf balls go pretty far and are pretty stable in flight. just don’t go around with your launcher saying anything about jihad unless you want to be answering a lot of questions.

  103. Iblis Says:

    so, how straight does this rocket fly

  104. Alan Parekh Says:

    I would call it more of a spiral motion.

  105. Iblis Says:

    have you thought about useing real rockets

  106. Spuddin Says:

    hey somebody used my name in here to make NEGATIVE comments! anything negative is not by me, srry.

  107. lisa dickey Says:

    I love how you make bottle rockets I want to learn how.

  108. megadethkillers Says:

    something i used to do when i was a kid in the 80s. I would build the launcher much like you did, but i did a few things differently which you may find ups the ante a little bit.

    1. remove all other stages from the propellant engine except for the solid fuel. you can do this with a screwdriver because when you get the ejection charge and delay out (they are soft) the solid rocket fuel is much harder and you can’t scrape much further with the screwdriver.

    2. Take approximately 6-9 “D” size engines and remove all the extra engine material as described above.

    3. take the remaining fuel and remove it, either by cutting the cardboard “wrapper” or drilling it out. either way, you want enough fine, black powder to fill your standard size rocket, whatever you use.

    4. whatever size rocker engine your kit recommends, use a larger propellant rocket. if the kit calls for an “A” or “B”, use a “C”. if the kit calls for a “C” make a bigger hole and use a “D”

    5. pour all the black powder into the tube of your rocket, filling it most of the way. leave a little space and glue on the nosecone with crazy glue or model glue.

    6. before you launch, make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby!!

    7. Only launch at angles greater than 45 degrees or you might blow someone or something up. unless that is your intent.

    8. Don’t hurt anyone, and don’t destroy anyones property who doesn’t deserve it!

  109. Commando Says:

    Rocket launcher was SICK! I am thinking about building one of my own. Yours lookes so professionally made, and I will probably copy your design.
    P.S. whoever it was that wants to join Hezbolla, I’ll beat your @#$%&*! before you get there!

  110. robert Says:

    hey can u show me better blueprints of this and how long it takes asap

  111. sk Says:

    In regards to your unstable projectile:
    Rockets will follow an unstable flight path if the center of pressure is at or above the center of gravity. Given that fin design, this is exactly what is causing your problem. You can either move the center of gravity forward by adding weight to the nose, or move the center of pressure back by only having fin surface on the back end of the rocket.
    Leave it to
    the government
    to explain it in gripping detail…

  112. Meg Says:

    im doing a school project and making a rocket, how much sugary coca-cola should i put in a 2 litre bottle

  113. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Meg,

    If you are talking about this type of reaction

    then you need to use a full bottle of diet coke.

  114. JRush Says:

    Why do we assume we know mor than the next guy? Why don’t we all build what we know and go against each other. Absolutely brilliannt.

  115. karl Says:

    hey if u wanna make it explode on contact (the rocket i mean) take a cheap BIC plastic lighter (lower quality plasic = best) and pull off the metal bit. put the plastic with the fuel inside on the nd of your rocket and voila

  116. shane Says:

    were do you buy the rocket engines and ignitores?

  117. shane Says:


  118. Alan Parekh Says:

    Shane, you can buy rocket motors at any hobby shop.

  119. saurav Says:

    i really liked your project and i’m willing to make but the question is how did u make the igniter???

  120. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Saurav,

    You can get the igniters at any hobby shop that sells the rocket motors.

  121. crazy red neck Says:

    hay i am makeing one but mine looks like a javilen it has two igniters that have 2 cupasiters to quikly provied ignishen allso mine uses F size moters the rocket is serounded by stirefom that brakes off after leaving the launch toub the roket is plased off set in the fome so it gos slitly up right out of the tube 2 counter gravity allsow i have a red dot sit billt in to the side im starting to put payloads in right next to the solid fuel rocket moter to time detinashen i use rocket engens that have delad forwerd exploshens NOTE i lauch in the desert so no one gets hert

  122. glenn Says:

    wow thats sweet iam going to build one

  123. glenn Says:

    iam building one and i have 72 rockets for it to shoot out of it its cool

  124. bob Says:

    nice now put some c-4 on the end and see what happens
    when the feds come to your house

  125. kris Says:

    Hey when ever I look for really cheap rocket engines for around $3 like you explained I just find quite expensive engines for R.C planes. Can you post up a link showing me these cheap engines and detonators? And probably a picture of one so I know what I’m looking for?

  126. kris Says:

    actually, didn’t look at all the pictures before I posted that so i see its part of a firework now. is it just like a choped up roman candle or something?

  127. Clark Hotels - A Group of Luxury Hotel Says:

    looking awesome ..!!

    i also gonna try this ..lolzz

  128. Ben Wardill Says:

    cool…. i want to make one. I heard about this luxury hotel chain called clarks that is in need of some demolition 😛

  129. reno Says:

    I would to really like to make it at home but i can’t can u send me directions to my e mail at reno1@live.ca

  130. lone wolf Says:

    if you want a bigger boom i think you could plug the back up and put mortar fire works, it would be a better ..uhm lets say display. but you would also need to be in a big field and firing relatively in the upward direction since those mortars are used to make the big explosions that you see at disney and stuff.

  131. sgt. Oink Says:

    nice idea but make it so u can aim with it

  132. 6644Invader Says:

    I built this exact body tube. Great idea! I altered the interior by making a sheet metal tube that ran the length of the inside with 4 groovs to hold the fins. Inside the scope mount, I put a cheep scope and then calibrated it with several test fires. With the help of an ex-NASA engineer, I designed and built several 2 foot 4 inch long rockets ($30 each) that have an 800 yard capibility. The nose cone has 1.83g of RDX in it with 112g of plastic explosive behind it. I’m pretty confident that I could take out a mid sized vehicle with it. Thanks for the idea!!!

  133. invisable Says:

    OK, I am willing to pay for one if I have to, but it needs to be able to fire long distances and shoot strate. I am also interested in getting hold of a morter gun, if any one gots and idea of how to get one.
    my email is 00THEPATH00@gmail.com please contact me there.
    also anyone truly interested in helping me I live in ohio and they need to be near me, I might beable to work around this though. I dont think its a good idea though to try and send one through mail or on a plain, I will not give out any names or contact informaion. but I would like to get phone numbers and emails send to my email once again 00THEPATH00@gmail.com
    and we can work out details, also can help with sending very detail insturctions and also digrams
    thankyou and have a great day and I liked the video

  134. Kerr Says:

    hey so far ive built the design for the body but im having some problems building the rocket. I have D class motors and i guess what u can call “helicopter fins” from some firecrackers in the past and was deciding to glue these fins to the engine. To add a body do u think it would work to add like a small soda bottle to the engine and add some small fins to that to add stability? I’ve tried to figure out ways to where it would fit but also be aerodynamic as well.

  135. jonathan bigelow Says:

    you guys are so crazy so i will tell you what/this i want more

  136. jonathan bigelow Says:

    also i have tried what you guys have on the photos and i just think that you guys are just the only people in the world that i know that can build something that big tall and or big i was just suprised and i knew that once that i looked at your photos that i was with no doubt i mean i was with nodoubt going to type you guys something very and it would be so big that you guys would say wow i had never seen a good or better coment than this befor

  137. Leo Says:

    OK I would love to have a rocket launcher thanks for the info on how to build it looks like fun I may make a 2 person launcher with Huge Rockets and fire it at test targes (junk cars) in the desert (hopfully I can reserve the distance a mile or two so I can fire it) would also love to have huge explosives on the end for fireing at the sky

  138. elfonso Says:

    your an idiot, it looks like your firing it off in a rural area, not to mention the pvc pipe looks way to flimsy, it would serve you right for one to explode and knock your eye out

  139. ghost Says:

    for those of you that are interested you might want to have a look at the works of Barnes Wallis
    he was a world war 2 British bomb inventor who designed things like the grand slam tallboy and the dam bomb along with many planes as well, he solved the stability of his bombs by offsetting the fins with a slight spin meaning the faster if fly the more it spins, i point this out due to in your video its show the rocket spiraling out of control the same method is used in a lot of cast iron bombs today

  140. chris b Says:

    hello i have made a couple of these… just for fun… lolz i show them off at a artillerary festaval in tennesse where they let u shoot any gun u want… they wvwn have mortor ammo and tank shells =P lolz a few years ago i bought a .30 cal mini gun that mounts onto the roof of a humvee… i just bought a humvee… oh sorry… lolz any way i have some ideas for u to try… one make bigger rockets that have fins that pop out… or take a card board tube that is just a lil smaller than ur launcher and that and cur the tube to make 1in thick rings and put ur fns in there and have one in the back and one in the middle or just one glued streight to the engine… ill try to get a hold of u and send u some diagrams…

  141. Ten Free Construction Projects (That Are Really Bad Ideas) Says:

    […] Launcher To be fair to these hackers, the “rocket” in question is a (somewhat) harmless home rocket, not some sort of death-dealing device firing straight at your opponents. And they’re just […]

  142. joseph Says:

    look man, your rpg is very very good but i’ll tell you about more advanced just e-mail me on this e-mail and you will find a better rpg than your’s .. and ill show you a video and it takes really few HOURS , cuz its really dangereous firing rpg!! im waiting!! XD


  143. DERP Says:

    I hope you’re on our side.

  144. drexel Says:

    Is that big monster real? You know, You shouldn’t have that thing out in public.

  145. Dany mathew Says:

    when i was 17n,i and my frnd made a rocket but not like that.

  146. Luigi Fulk Says:

    This is the precise weblog for anyone who needs to find out about this topic. You realize a lot its almost laborious to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You undoubtedly put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, just great!

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