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July 16, 2006

Corner Shot

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Corner Shot


Bringing another gun to the battle might be like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

“The CORNER SHOT is the ultimate solution for dealing with the deadly threats that lurk “around the corner” in a variety of tactical situations encountered by military and law enforcement personnel, anti-terror units and SWAT teams operating in open or built-up areas, inside buildings, rooms and enclosed spaces, and especially in forced entry situations.

The CORNER SHOT has already been acquired by police and special forces units around the world.

The key to CORNER SHOT is the swing-hinge front section of the system, a state-of-the-art device that houses the handgun and a compact detachable color video camera. The unique lateral (both left and right) swinging mechanism enables the user to safely sweep, search or engage targets ‘around the corner’ with the camera transmitting what it sees directly to a video monitor. Both the video monitor and the remote trigger control for firing the pistol, together with all system operating switches, are fitted to the frame held by the user. ”

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13 Responses to “Corner Shot”

  1. ercee Says:

    chicken us army they are always are always will be

    whith out showing face
    you cant fight

  2. Eternal Says:

    Apparantly “ercee” did’nt read the story! This is not U.S. but Israeli
    and is being used by “police and special forces units around the world”

  3. Ade Says:

    I wonder if all arms manufacturers make such hilariously poor promo vids to show off their wares?

  4. ercee Says:

    =) without u.s. israil is nothing

    israil is an another state of u.s.

  5. mc Says:

    all this thing really is is an attachment to a regular semi-auto pistol. looks like a glock or browning from what i can see in the vid. it just has a solenoid for the trigger, a camera at the face and a display screen for the soldier. it’s a nifty idea, but i don’t think it’s very practical in a shootout. i’d much rather have a submachine gun and just use a mirror to look around corners before jumping out!

  6. Jey "triggehappy" Says:

    I would actually say that in this case the pistol is the attachment…. But otherwise i agree mc…”quote:i’d much rather have a submachine gun and just use a mirror to look around corners before jumping out!”

  7. Heywood Jablomi Says:

    Ercee, you must be from some country who’s had it’s ass kicked by a democratic nation.

  8. Jake Says:

    This weapon has very specific applications, mainly to funnel-of-death situations. If the enemy has taken a defensive position behind a doorway or down a hall, you have to engage them through that narrow point, drastically increasing the chances of being hit. With the Corner Shot you don’t have to stick your head or an appendage into that highly dangerous area.

  9. Will Says:

    It looks like a peice of shit.
    Probabley crap.
    Id rather just chuck a grenade round the corner then boom
    everybody dead.

  10. Mark Says:

    It looks too silly to be real, I agree with the nade idea.

  11. ryan Says:

    looks like crap, i mean in one of the pictures you can see its just a pistol held in a fancy thingy, y would u need a bipod. Oh and your crap if the battery dies, to bad so sad you stick you head out, BOOM!!!! your head got blasted off.

  12. Bob Says:

    After reading ercee’s comment I just had to say something….are you retarded? I think you’re missing the point here kid. It’s not about “showing face” as much as it’s about NOT GETTING YOUR FACE BLOWN OFF. If I had the choice between entering a room with an AK-weilding suspect and take me chances, or stick the “Corner Shot” through the doorway and take him out without any risk of injury to myself or the rest of my team, I’d take the latter EVERY TIME. But I wouldn’t expect you to grasp such a concept.
    Although it has its drawbacks, this is a brilliant idea. If those drawbacks are worked on it could dramatically reduce the number of casualties by giving the operator much more protection. Jake described it perfectly. It’s not meant to replace the average assault rifle or submachine gun, but instead it’s a special tool that could come in very handy in certain situations.

  13. chris Says:

    I agree with “Bob”. I would much rather use the “corner shot” and not get a bullet to the head than charge in balls-out like a lunatic and pumped full of lead. And nobody can say they would rather have a SMG over the “corner shot” in a situation like that until you’re there. Sure, now because you don’t have to worry about ever using it you can say ” it sucks, only wussies would use it”, but when you have bullets whizzing past your head and you have ten enemies hiding around the corner of the exit, your gonna find yourself wishing you had a gun like “corner shot”. And about the grenade idea, you can’t do that unless you confirm that to civilians are near the enemy or anything else that is important. The only way to make sure that it is clear to throw a nade is by looking inside the room, and when you pop your head in,POP! The “corner shot” is a good weapon and could save a lot of pain for cops and soldiers. And about what “ryan” said about the tripod, you need it help you steady the aim retard.

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