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July 15, 2006

RC Screwdriver Car

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Ok so you thought that power tool races was the only fun you could have with power tools. Check out what I Make Projects did with some electronics and two cordless screwdrivers.

“This is a radio-controlled vehicle made from two cheap, cordless power tools with wheels attached. The electrical control part consists only of an old R/C controller, two servos, and 4 microswitches. Since I had most parts already in my part bins, it cost me about 20$ to build.

When I first saw cheap cordless screwdrivers, I started to think about (mis)using them for a purpose like this. A self-contained gearmotor with rechargeable power supply with a socket for attaching anything you wanted seemed perfect for a small vehicle or robot base. Not to mention far cheaper and easier than rolling my own.

So I decided to make an R/C car out of two screwdrivers to see how workable it would be. And while I was at it, I resolved NOT to use any fancy motor driver electronics or anything. It can drive and steer without electronic drive motor control – it uses switches only. It worked great.”

Via: Make and Hackaday


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