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July 10, 2006

Home Built Laser Projector

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Have a look at this laser projector. It is home made but the results are fantastic!
Video Example 1
Video Example 2

“This is a challenging project that to build the laser projector with professional grade :-). The most important component used for laser projectors is the laser unit, He-Ne laser had been used in early days, multi-colored mixed gas laser is currently used for high end laser projector and solid state laser is one of the brand-new laser device that has been recently used. However the laser unit was very expensive and junk He-Ne gas laser cannot be modulated directly, so that I could not resolve to obtain the laser unit with a modulator. At the first quarter of this year, a reasonable solid state laser module have been sold from Kyoritsu Denshi, and I determined to start this project that thinking for a long time.”