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July 8, 2006

Watercooled CPU Fan/Cooler

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If you want to max out your next computer system this CPU cooling system might be what you need.

“Scythe Japan has just unveiled the “Silver Knight”, a watercooled CPU fan/cooler that boasts an 8mm copper pipe for water circulation (5.7L/h), radiator, pump, and a 92mm fan. It’s compatible with all LGA 775 and Socket 745/939/940 motherboards. This device measures 130 x 126.5 x 165mm and weighs a hefty 960g. Available mid-July in Japan, priced at $52USD.

* The CPU cooler of the hybrid type which combines water cooling air cooling
You say that to the copper pipe of heat pipe condition you force circulate the chilled water
The facilities which are the weak point of the heat pipe cooler by the fact that water cooling system is adopted
Solving the problem, restriction of position direction.

* At switches 1 quiet sound mode selection of high cooling mode possibility simplicity
[huankonsuitsuchi] loading.

* Adopting the microminiature water cooling motor of long-lived & quiet sound type.”

Via: TechEBlog