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July 7, 2006

Bullet Counter for Marui G36C Airsoft Gun

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This is a cool mod that adds a bullet counter to an Airsoft rifle.

“The new circuit was built with the hopes that since the CMOS IC has much lower voltage requirement, it can still operate when the rifle is firing, but I was wrong. 🙁 Though my second alternative is to use external batteries, and power consumption is an important factor in this case.

As far as power goes, the new circuit uses the Motorola 14533 CMOS to multiplex the three digit displays which saves a lot of energy from having to power all three digits at the same time. Only one LED driver is needed because of that instead of three. ”

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4 Responses to “Bullet Counter for Marui G36C Airsoft Gun”

  1. Johnny2x4 Says:

    Dude… Use realcaps. That way you’ll only have to count ’till 30! 😛

  2. Piro Says:

    The site with the project is down. Does anybody has a copy of the full article?

  3. F15h3r Says:

    Hey, can u make it reset autmaticaly after recharging? And i would really like to see whole project. Can you upload it to any other site ?

  4. Bobby Says:

    Hey, if you were to make another bullet counter but for a famas, how much would you sell it for?

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