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July 6, 2006

Trackball Telescope

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If you are into telescopes and DIY projects this project is for you. Check out the full plans for the Trackball Telescope!

“Jerry Oltion calls it a trackball telescope, and he’s distributing plans for its design free of charge. Parts needed: a rubber ball, a bucket, some plastic pipe, a Bic pen shell and assorted hardware.

The trackball is amazingly easy to set up. Just put the mount on a level surface, aim the drive axle at the celestial pole, set the telescope on the mount, and turn on the motor. This simple alignment is all you’ll need for visual observing even at relatively high power.

To find your target, just push the scope where you want it to go. If the eyepiece isn’t in a comfortable position, rotate the scope until it is. Most times you can sit down while you’re observing, which is by far the most comfortable way to view.”

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