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July 6, 2006

Frisbee Camera

at 6:32 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets

Mount this camera to the bottom of a Frisbee and let the recording begin. I can just imagine the cool video this could capture when tossed into a good strong wind.

“Ever thought of riding a Frisbee on flight? Well, I never did(maybe I was never too stoned!) but Adam Sutcliffe, a graduate from the Royal College of Art apparently did. As it was kind of insane, he came up with the next best thing – fitting a camera on the Frisbee to record its flight.

The Catchu Camera comes attached to the disc and claims to record 20 minutes of broadcast quality video (although it will take one heck of a throw to make the Frisbee fly for that long.) The solid state memory and an absence of moving parts makes it resistant to clumsy catchers like me, while a wind vane keeps the camera straight when the Frisbee is in a spin.”

Via: Gizmowatch