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July 4, 2006

Vacuum Elevator

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The Vacuum Elevator is an interesting way of lifting a small elevator cab.

“When the piston gear depressurizes the area inside the cylinder above the vacuum elevator cab, the cab is then lifted by higher atmospheric pressure below the cab. The inside of the vacuum elevator cab always remains at the atmospheric pressure. As air pressure is lowered above the cab, the cab is lifted.

A valve regulating inflow of air in the upper part of the shaft controls the pneumatic depression and enables descent. When the valve lets in air (at atmospheric pressure) into the low pressure chamber, the vacuum elevator cab will safely lower to the desired level. This valve also controls the speed of the cab.

The lower part of the shaft is open to ensure free entrance of air at atmospheric pressure. The air suction process simply consists of a suction device that sets the difference in pressures between the atmospheric and that inside the shaft limited by the piston, the side walls and the upper end.

The vacuum elevator cab has locking devices included in the interior of the shaft to stop the cab at the upper and lower limits of travel.

For better safety conditions, a braking system located on the roof of the car activates in case the tube above the vacuum elevator cab has a sudden return to atmospheric pressure. The braking system is made up of either a diaphragm or piston.”


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2 Responses to “Vacuum Elevator”

  1. Gadget Freak Says:

    Up there with the vacuum elevator

    If you just don’t fancy climbing up the stairs in your home the way you used to, why not consider building a vacuum elevator?…

  2. miguel castro Says:

    please i would like you send me more information abou the vacuum elevator. i need 5 elevators with an elevation of 6 Mts. and 3 floors stops. plese send me prices and tecnicals specifications (max. weight etc.)thank you

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