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June 30, 2006

Tesla Coil Music

at 5:30 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks

A mix of extreme high voltage and tunes, does a project get any better! Steve Conner has posted his ultra cool visual instrument on 4HV.ORG. Note the second video was listed by EastVoltResearch and can be seen on this site.

“I finally gave in and decided to post footage of me testing my OMG super secret musical DRSSTC. I designed it last year as a paid commission for a Danish arts group who wanted a chorus of six musical coils that could be played by MIDI. I made a single prototype to test it here, but they ran six coils together in the final system, built by Finn Hammer over in Denmark.

What I made was an adaptor board that connected the internal tone generators on a Roland JX-8P synth to one or more DRSSTCs. The board converted the volume envelope to burst length, so the harder you pounded the keys, the bigger the sparks got. Hitting a high pitched note hard would blow the fuses, and the MIDI arrangements had to take this into account.”

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17 Responses to “Tesla Coil Music”

  1. sumdude Says:

    I can so see that sucker do a crazytrain solo!

  2. Mike Says:

    That was awesome indeed. I like how the discharge color changes as a function of the frequency in the twin coil version.

  3. 秋元@サイボウズラボ・プログラマー・ブログ Says:


    TechEBlogで、「あなたの知らない5つの新楽器」というのを紹介している。 …

  4. 我不喜欢-Blog » Top 5 Music Gadgets You Didn’t Know About Says:

    […] [Source] […]

  5. synthesizer Says:

    where can i get a sound sample of this to use with a sequencer?

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Go to Steve’s site (in the article) and ask him for it.

  7. laurent Says:

    This is brilliant!
    Do you synchronized the coil at audible frequencies ? Or just change the amount of juice you pump into it?

  8. brandon Says:

    What is the tune he is playing in that first video?

  9. MG Says:

    It’s AC/DC “Thunderstruck”

  10. Wyatt Says:

    i would like to know what type of board you actually created and what range of frequencies and wattage your capacitors can withstand.

  11. Anime fan Says:

    I was always interested in this since I saw Mario theme played on Tesla coils. That’s very cool, but I don’t get this video: the sound comes from piano as well, not only from Tesla coil, doesn’t it?

  12. Tesla Coil Music - Featured on Hacked Gadgets | FindVideoToday.com - Free search and download videos Says:

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  13. Multi-Monitor Computers Says:

    Dude! That sounds amazing! I love the tone. Sounds better than most synths that I’ve heard.

  14. < AFTERBLOG /> » Blog Archive » Un scanner diapo pas cher! Says:

    […] turbine d’hélico dans son van, utiliser une bobine tesla pour en faire un flingue (2) ou un haut-parleur, etc. plein de choses très utiles tous les jours de votre petite vie passée à utiliser les […]

  15. Mahjong Says:

    Oh man, not enough musicians use midi anymore, I love the sound.

  16. Frej Says:

    Wow this sounds great!! Especially the first tune. Is it a known tune? Want to know the name in that case!

    You should do this more!

  17. greenkid101 Says:

    where can i get plans to do this? I’m trying to convince my class mates to have something like this on the home coming float this year, it’d be a definite win.

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