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June 25, 2006

Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

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This robot can solve the Rubik’s Cube faster than most people!

“What’s the point of having robots if you’re not going to make them solve Rubik’s Cube puzzles?!
With all the unsolved Rubik’s Cubes puzzles there are all over the planet i think it’s every governments responsibility to send wave after wave of these robots into cities, streets and into peoples homes, searching out every last unsolved Rubik’s Cube puzzle like some kind of robotic Rubik’s Cube puzzle solving army.
There is a new terror people, And it is the terror of unsolved Rubik’s Cube puzzle.
It’s every patriotic Americans duty to to back our force of Rubik’s Cube solving robots and fight for a world where our children don’t have to live in fear of unsolved puzzles.”